Sonic Origins drops July 23, 2022 (Classic Sonic titles delisted May 20)


it’s official:

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remember that Sonic collection announced last year? it may finally see the light of day.

if you need a refresher on Sonic Origins: Exclusive: Sonic Origins "Won't Be Running Off Emulation," More Classic Sonic Games May Be Remastered - The Sonic Stadium


Now with art.


The store page is up on psn.

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bring it!


I hope there’s a Sonic Adventure collection on the way as well.

Uh, I’ll take classic mode with widescreen please.

Sonic, Sonic CD, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles


that looks glorious! (also updated thread to reflect official announcement.)


Not a huge sonic fan. Looks like a cash grab. 40 bucks is insane.

I had to rewind the trailer because something seemed off to me. Realized it was because they showed Knuckles in Sonic 1 and 2, and Tails in S&K lol. It’s a neat feature. Widescreen with the remastered visuals looks really good too.

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admittedly it’s pricy. it’s also Sega.

It looks like a labor of love to be honest. They completely remastered the games. This is not a cheap emulation job. They now support widescreen and stages that were cut from the original game + all games are tied together with cutscenes(animation). Yeah its expensive but they put a lot of work into these. This is exactly how to treat your legacy games. This is not another mario 3d collection


not sure if this deserves its own thread, but looks like Sega will delisting the previous digital versions of classic Sonic titles before Origins release. crap move, IMO.


Maybe they should be bought.

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I wonder which titles exist that I don’t own. I picked up a MFT of them over the years through various sales. Mostly to have should the urge ever strike to play them. I don’t think I’ve played any of them at all. I spent so much time at college playing them and other retro titles.

I don’t think they have purchasable for a while on the xbox store, I know I tried to the week before they announced Sonic origins and they were “currently Unavailable”

i bought Sonic 1 a few months ago just to complete the set. maybe i lucked out? i dunno.

very strange, I just checked now and Sonic 1, 3, Knuckles are not available but 2 and CD are

The only title from the soon to be delisted selection that I currently do not own is Sonic CD.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sonic 2
  • Sonic 3
  • Sonic & Knuckles
  • Sonic CD

interestingly, Sonic CD is the taxman version. So it’s got widescreen and all those other fun modern features.