Something special is coming to Gamepass: it's here



Disney+ as a Perk


I am thinking value of Gamepass right now.

It’s 10000000000000000

Edit: here it is.

Gamepass Ultimate perks.


Damn, do you think it’s possible that it would be bundled in? I figure if it’s Disney+ it would be a few months trial like they did for Discord and Funimation.

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It’s likely going to be a 3-6 month trial of Disney+


Yeah, I’ve had Spotify free for the last 6 months because they did a Gamepass perk. If I had to guess I would say 3 free months of Disney plus

Disney+ included in game pass would be amazing.

2 months Disney+ as a perk.

I have spoken.

This was 4 days ago

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Hmm clearly something coming

Nice. I’ve been meaning to finish Mandy.

It has to be Disney +. Or at least something.

Seems weird to me Klobrille would tease it if it was a Disney+ thing.

Did we get teasers like this for Spotify or Funimation? I can’t remember now.

I don’t think so but idk

I know it would never happen but i would love a Mandalorian costume and yoda pet in sea of thieves maybe have a blaster too! (same damage as other weapons ofc, just a skin on the bullets)

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You knew all along!

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1 or 2 months of Disney+ would be very nice. But pretty please, don’t let this be an US only deal.

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Prediction or insider knowledge?

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Won’t be surprised if it is. MS is dumb enough to have rewards for a global fanfest that isn’t even available in a lot of regions yet, and provide discounts on a controller for Xcloud which again doesn’t yet exist in most places.

I’ll let you decide