So what exactly was the point of Sony making people sign up for first access to pre-orders?

Another misstep in which they have been quiet about,

Earlier this month Sony requested people sign up a form to become one of the first people to pre-order a PS5, still no email or follow up has been sent today

They will get to be in their own pre-order line starting tomorrow morning I think. They maybe should have communicated that better to those folks well ahead of time. They told ppl they were gonna announce pre-order timing details well in advance of taking the orders, but didn’t. Now there are probably lots of ppl who would have one waiting for them if they had waited but didn’t realize they had to wait and got one yesterday anyhow.

It may have been some advanced planning for plan B

Plan B being more pandemic lockdowns that prevent retail from selling or a big retailer failing.

I highly doubt that it was a Plan B, it was announced a couple weeks ago and the clear messaging on their site was “be the first to pre-order a PS5”

I’m thinking that bloomberg article has more merit about production and they have to supply it to the retailers first.

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That’s the problem…‘you think’, that’s all Sony does throughout this entire lead time to launch, give some vague details and let people figure it out on theiir own.


This preorder has been a shitshow.


It’s quite clear that MS having their price and release date leaked spooked Sony and they scrambled to get their pre-orders out before MS. And I don’t believe the bullshit that they planned the price of their console “earlier this year.” Bullshit.

And they’re only allotting 1% of their pre-order stock to the digital edition, screwing gamers even more. And then charging $70 for their games to make up for their console price. Screwing gamers some more.