So...MS finally has its Japanese studio

Based in Japan and headed by Shinji Makami aka Resident Evil 4


thats an absolute huge get.


So excited about this. Enjoyed evil within 1 and 2 a lot.

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Give me the evil within 3 please!!!

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Technically is the second studio in Japan.

Mojang Tokyo is the first one :smiley:

And they still need at least one more, imo.


It’s the studio I’ve been asking MS staff on Twitter to buy. Of course, it was not because of me, but it’s awesome that it is the exact studio I thought it was great for Xbox.

Presumably, it will take some time (years) to see a new game from them, right? I’m ok with that, btw, because now Microsoft has Mikami :smiley:

I think I’ll go and finally play the two Evil Within games now. Especially if they come to gamepass!

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