So I have been wondering about MS aquisitions

So MS bought Zenimax. 7.5 Billion.

Now a deal of this size isn’t done overnight, it would be months and months in the making. Could be a six month deal, and one that might have been slowed by Covid.

So while the Zenimax aquisition was been negotiated, MS was also in talks to buy Warner Bros. So legit, MS could have been intending to buy both Warner and Zenimax at the same time. That is insane. Just imagine if both dropped.

This obviously means that they arnt finished shopping, and while little studios like Asobo or Bloober Team might fall, MS may also bring another massive buy together along the lines of Zenimax.


Ikr Microsoft is absolutely not playing around and is very aggressive coming into the next generation

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The negotiations started and fell apart in 2018 and started again this summer, same time they “kicked the tires” on Bungie and WB. They also may have picked up another 2 based on what our hosts said on the XboxEra podcast recently.

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I absolutely believe they would’ve bought WB Games as well if AT&T would’ve followed through…

It’s just crazy to think about.

I should cancel my cell service with AT&T until they promise to sell WB games to Microsoft :joy::joy::joy:


This was a play in the making two years ago. But, yes. They were looking for WB at the same time.Thats pretty insane.

I believe the impetus for the investment is multi-faceted, but I’ll focus on two things: the long-term potential for another multi-billion dollar subscription service and making Microsoft development tools and Azure infrastructure, platforms, and services preferred for the gaming industry.

The shift to streaming and service subscriptions isn’t the only battleground for consumer dollars, it’s also for all the tech developers will need to build and manage everything that will underpin it all. Having a world-class first-party pushing the tech envelope will help drive innovations across Microsoft dev offerings that could help make it the leading tech stack for gaming.

I think Nadella knows an opportunity when he sees one. The industry is going to go through massive change over the next decade and the landscape is going to change dramatically. He knows they have the right tech, people, and approach to give Microsoft a chance at building what it takes to get in a leading position.