Slime Rancher 2 (Xbox Game Pass Day One) is launching in early access September 22nd



Nice ! The first game was pretty fun, colorful and addicting.

I absolutely loved the first game!! I’ll download it again on PC just because of the higher framerate. SR2 day-one for sure <3

i played the first one more than i like to admit. solid gameplay loop, will try the next one for sure.

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If I remember correctly, there is some development video where the dev explained how he worked really hard on that 1~ minute gameplay loop so it’s as fun as possible. It shows.

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The first one was pretty neat, completely unplayable once you had a lot of slimes in your base though. Something like 3 fps.

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Yeah, that’s the only caveat. On Series X|S, it should run well at least.

Yeah, I really liked the game but I could never finish it.


Yeah, me neither. It gets pretty overwhelming, pretty fast.

I’ve been waiting for this :blush: Early access though? Does this mean we’ll be waiting for version 1 some time in the far future like grounded?

Probably. I’ll wait for the real game.