Silly us waiting to buy a Series X when all we could do is buy a 3070

The guy works for a publication as well… What an embarrassing day for games related media coverage with this and the Gamespot National Guard recruiting crap.

Most multi-billion dollar industries have dedicated media coverage for enthusiasts and those who work in the industry… I struggle to think of one where blatant fayboyism, hot takes and ignorance of the actual subject matter rule the day.

I can’t wait to get that 3070 and come home and plug it into the wall and play games. What a great deal


I mean I am contemplating updating my PC instead of getting a series X but man I hate this rush to shit on something when new tech comes out. PC’s will always be more expensive and more powerful than consoles. That isn’t the only trade off though. He’s fanboying and coming at this as if he’s found Phil’s loophole. Next gen is going to be awful with people trying to weaponize console sales as if that is the metric MS cares about. Gaming revenue is far more important than console sales next gen and buying a PC doesn’t circumvent that revenue. It locks you into another MS ecosystem. But what the hell do I know. I can’t find Phil’s loophole.

Do people think MS can’t make the games they make exclusive to Xbox or something? I’ll never get the “gotcha” angle people keep running with in regards to MS putting games on PC. It so very simple, MS wants to grow other things than just the Xbox. For example they want to expand the use of their software/development tools such as DirectX. Heck it is the reason MS created the (X)box in the first place. This is like thinking Sony should have created Bluray just to make it exclusive to Playstation. Oh no Sony now I don’t need to buy a PS to watch Bluray movies! Sony is doooooomed. Yeah no one says that.

Also we just found out Sony is planning on putting more games on PC. So they’ll be in the same boat as MS in that regard. If you really want to be technical MS has “won” more of “gaming war” than many think here. MS got a lot of what they wanted over Sony, it was never about straight console to console sales. Sony got a lot of what they wanted too, and it wasn’t straight console sales for them either.

I feel like if everyone stopped calling it “PC” and started using “Windows” instead, Microsoft’s goals will be pretty clear and people wouldn’t be making silly comments like the Tweet referenced.

I responded to him on Twitter with:

“Looks like potatoe farmers made this new-fangled thing called French Fries… it’s almost as if they are talking us out of buying mashed potatoes.”

Newsflash: potatoe farmers don’t care as long as you’re buying potatoes.

The comparison is obviously ridiculous because the ONE component they offer is more than the entire console itself, but it needs to be pointed out that even if you’re buying a $1500 PC, you’re now going to paying MS $10 a month every year.

Also, if you buy a $1500 PC this fall, you’re giving MS $75 for Windows, and $10 a month for GP. They make $195 from you that first year.

If you buy an XSX that MS will likely sell at a $150 loss, and you get GP, they lose $30 in that first year.

So it’s better for MS’s bottom line, and for supply (many can’t afford $1500 PCs) for rich folks to pick up a new Windows machine.

Yea this is such a ridiculous statement and comparison.

You’re comparing a console that has everything out of the box. Plug and play.

The 3070 is just the GPU. SMH

I mean, if you could actually do gaming with just a GPU, shit, everyone would buy one… CPU, motherboard, case, PSU, NvME SSD aren’t some trivial freebee.

“TweakTown’s PR/Gaming Editor. News, Analysis, & Games Industry Finance.”

Well, we know how ~ qualified ~ is this ~ expert ~.

Well, I’m actually going to join the PC master race, and I think it will be fun to build a PC. Used to do it years and years ago, but it’s been fun looking at parts and researching again. Problem I have is that the PC case (CM NR200P) I want is out of stock everywhere, so I had to get on a notification list. But it will be fun to do a basic watercooling setup with all mid-range to high end parts. It will cost more than a Series X, probably three times as much

But it will be fun to build, and kick the crap out of one performance-wise in the end. Nice to have a hobby outside of work

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These comparisons make so little sense, lol. First of all, it’s not always easy to find a graphics card at its effective recommended retail price, plus there’s custom versions and whatnot which can increase the price. Second, you’re talking about a single element of the PC costing as much as the ENTIRE Series X, controller and cables included. On a PC you’ll need a case, a power supply, a beefy CPU, a motherboard, a lot of RAM (16Gb minimum at this point, 32 is better), a decent amount of SSD storage, potential extra cooling, mouse and keyboard, and possibly a monitor if you don’t have one lying around already. Third, a lot of people prefer consoles because they’re easier to use. No driver incompatibilities, no tinkering with settings to find the optimal performance, no such thing as “game won’t start, dunno why”. To this day you’d be hard pressed to build a PC on par with Xbox One X with that console’s launch price, even going for used parts, let alone something on par with Series X.

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Its quiet obvious that he posted that tweet to get some attention and probably gain some followers. There is no way that someone who has no technical knowledge can post such rubbish statements.

And to give it even more traction you made a thread out of it!


I was a bit pissy yesterday because I expected the cards to be way more expensive and I ordered a new 2070 super based build in the middle of August as a work PC to replace my current one that’s rolling on 6 years now (Normally I self build but for personal reasons I had to pay for a build) but having a look at it. There’s a lot of “We didn’t tell you this” out of Nvidia’s presentation. Third party Vendors like recommend that you upgrade PSU’s to something decent like 650W+ and there’s a lot of “Make sure your motherboard can handle the voltage” so realistically you’re adding about another $2-300 onto your purchase if you wanna make sure your investment is fine and if you don’t already have a good PSU and motherboard. Then you gotta add in NvME if you wanna take advantage of the new I/O compression and costs add up.

There’s a lot of “Ifs and butts” on this gen of cards I’d probably suggest waiting for the TI because I have a feeling we might see Fermi 2.0 if the power draw on these things is so massive that vendors are recommend your PSU has a high enough voltage that I’d imagine these cards get very hot so you’d need a beefy cooling solution. So I’m not mad since what I ordered should be fine for the next six years for work and what I normally play (Euro Truck Sim 2). I do find the “Nvidia just killed the console generation” takes funny though. I’d realistically budget out a new build based on the 3070 at way over $2000 even with a Ryzen CPU build cause I would be very afraid of cheaping out on it.

Still gonna be a lot of cringy “Beat the consoles on a budget” builds that are basically straining like crazy on youtube and on webpages. Gotta get that clickbait money from people who don’t know better.

Not gonna lie I was initially a bit disappointed that the next gen consoles are going to be a lot weaker then a mid range pc gpu.

However after reflecting im still going to get an xsx and ps5 because

*A “mid range pc” will still cost at least $1200

*Next gen console hardware will enable visuals and gameplay a lot more sophisticated then the already excellent current gen visuals.

Guess you dont need a cpu, ssd, motherboard, a case and plus need to know how to build a PC


seriously this must be one of the dumbest gotcha I’ve heard

This is an Xbox forum

EVERY time. I just SMFH when I see people who “LEGIT” say this. Like…you cant be that dumb lol

I’ve been a PC gamer this entire gen after leaving xbox behind after the X1 launch and this fall I’m heading back with a XSX. My experience over the past several years on PC has been one pain in the arse. So many times a game just doesn’t load even though it would load fine the day before, and then some games randomly crashing.

It has free online, but the massive downside is the huge numbers of cheaters. I don’t care what other PC gamers say, it’s not ‘git gud’, when you get one shotted from across the map by a handgun it’s infuriating! The other pro is supposed to be mods, but the hassle in getting them to play right in a game isn’t worth it.

I’ve been more tempted to stay now that XGS are on PC but I miss the easy days of plugging in without hassle.


What a dummy.

You also need at least 2 sticks of memory (around 400$), an NVME (400$), a case ($200), a cpu (500-600$), a power supply (100$).

And playing games on PC, CHAINED TO MY DESK, is such a huge colossal PAIN IN MY BEHIND.

Like, where do I even go to launch a game at this point? Linux?