SHOWDOWN ROUND 2! 16 franchises left, only 8 will remain!


@SuikerBrood trying to tear this community apart. :smile:


Kind of crazy how it’s only the round of 16 and almost every name still standing is a heavy hitter

Multiplayer makes a difference

Im not a multiplayer guy, which is why it isn’t really a factor for me.

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I think we solved the case then

The Best?

And what’s good.

It’s working, I’m ready to shank some folks.



Oh, the rest of this showdown is going to be fun. :rofl:

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I suppose if you ignore that Doom Eternal has both sold roughly in the neighborhood of 10 million copies (sold three million digital copies in the first month, and has somewhere north of three million owners just on steam) and has a higher avg review on both meta/opencritic than Halo Infinite (1 whole point!) you might have a case. Halo Infinite Campaign has a measly estimated 200k owners on steam according to Steam DB.

And before someone busts out that 20 million number for Halo, it is apples and oranges. You cant compare Free to Play numbers against a $60 product.

I will die on Doom mountain until this round concludes, and it loses anyway lol.

It should be noted: I love Halo, I just love Doom more.

I was in the minority for every game outside of Halo

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You’re right there. Halo Infinite sure did generate a lot of buzz - most of it very bad, but you do have a point.

When Doom was announced and launched it didn’t get anywhere near as much buzz but was very much loved and sometimes that’s more important than buzz. :man_shrugging:

I’m more into singleplayer and I still vote for Halo! It won’t stand a chance for me in the next round though…


Before Infinite I would vote DOOM but damn Infinite was so do man good and did more stuff that are my vibe, mainly the sandboxyness (purely SP perspective on both).


I’m just a Doom Stan because I grew up playing doom and doom 2 during the 90’s PC heyday. Halo came out when I was in college so while I love it, Doom is just “special” to me.

Just wait till you do it again with Activision and blizzard and the missed ips lol

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Round 3 starts ~12 hours from now.


I’ve picked the one winning every time :sweat_smile:

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Time for the next round!