Shinobi on ERA: "[Xbox] Stuff that was planned for this month pushed to next month."

At this point they are going to shadow drop a console. Come launch day, there will be another Xbox that nobody knows what it is, what it does, what are the differences to the expensive one.

Do you still think these are coming out in 2020?

Console confirmed for November already, and rumored to be in first week of the month. The thing is, MS has a lot more flexibility on important stuff like pricing than their competition does. XSS, ability to match or undercut PS5 with XSX even, GamePass subsidizing console hardware, Xbox All Access…

I suspect we see Series S and price next month.

Game Pass publisher and games/launch line up this month.

Not only to play chicken, but also going “Hey! Halo’s cancelled. God that sucks, amIrite. Anywho, who wants to pre-order the new system!?!” is a really bad look.


2020 is such an awesome year.

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I’m curious why they’re pushing back announcements. Is it because there was an emphasis on Halo MP that they can’t focus on now, or is it possibly related to a new deal they’ve worked out/are working out for something due to Halo’s delay? Or is it just to regroup and hope that Sony reveals their plans first? Or is there no reason? :sweat_smile:


Well, unless Microsoft is dropping from Gamescom, we should get at least some news this month, right?


I was thinking this yes. And I do not think Shinobi was talking about that per se. Most likely just talking about Xboxing Day. Not that anyone should expect much from HotChips, but that is still certainly on for next week.

What is kinda interesting is that this makes it appear that Halo was in some way important to their Xboxing Day from a marketing pov. Might suggest multiplayer can’t make holiday launch either if that is the case, since then no need to delay the news. Or might just be a trick to push Sony to announce.

What’s with all the negativity constantly? Don’t you know that they have competition to worry about? They can’t reveal the console whose sole purpose is affordability without giving out price. Why would they set the price too low and lose profits or too high and lose sales, it’s easier waiting on Sony to reveal price first for once

Because this is ridiculous. They have been teasing it for 18 months. These are videogames and not nuclear launch codes or something that needs to be kept under secrecy.

At this point, what they got is what they got. They can’t change anything. Even if Sony tries to sell at a loss to be cheaper, they can always rectify their price before launch.

They could literally 10 minutes after Sony’s announcement, announce a price cut to match their price.


That would look bad. Better to announce second.


This game of cat and mouse is really tiring, lol.

2020 in a nutshell :neutral_face:

That’s why E3 was really great for announcements. It goes to show how this pandemic is really badly affecting everything, including video games and developments with everything pushed back constantly, and plans being changed nearly on the spot accordingly. It is just that difficult and the worst luck ever to have to launch new consoles exactly during that time, and I respect all competitors there for trying to do their best there.

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The Series X and PS5 will be great and Im still looking forward to both of them, but I would be lying if I said I had any next gen excitement left. At this point I have basically attained a level of indifference that I didn’t think I could ever feel about new hardware. Usually this is all so exciting.


If E3 happened this year we would have had pre-orders up since June haha! Crazy how we might get to September and still not have price.

Sony and Microsoft playing chicken chaser the question is who is the chicken?

Looks like MS has to reset with the loss of Halo from the launch lineup. Not going to be showing anything from XGS now that is coming anytime soon, so all that is left is to show the Series S and price. Announce third parties, and additions to GP in the next few weeks to stem the flow of bad news. As someone who loves watching the business side of this, I’m really interested to see the spin … We will find out how good of a salesman Phil really is. I’m pretty sure they will double down on the power message, and best place to play third party games


People are using this as a chance to drag Xbox, but eh… Sony’s not been anymore communicative as of late.

I think we all need to be a little more understanding than usual. COVID fucked everyone hard this year. Would not be surprised to see a few more titles from both consoles launches slip into 2021.


Truly very little good happened this year and it’s not even over yet.

So the news about a publisher deal with GP is now a September thing, damn.