Share your Twitter handles

So I’ve made a Twitter account, followed some stuff, but really would like to know your Twitter handles and follow/interact with you as for now I have zero followers :slight_smile:

So share your Twitter handles and follow me @Xbox_Raw if you like.

Cheers, boys!

@xboxmojo but Most of my Tweets are in German. Besides I interact with someone english speaking, of course.



Don’t really use it much but hey count me in.

Not too difficult…I’m old.



I was Colbert for a long time but my account was suspended for impersonation (all my over 1000 followers lost sniff). So I had to start from scratch again.



Mostly just talk video games and tech, much like here.


Follow if you’re interested in hot takes about movies and games, political jokes, and shitposts!


New handle here @XBruh87. Be kind and follow me to get my account some traction. Thanks!

Its @Witchilich. I use this name everywhere.

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Mine is @ShadowArceus5. I post dumb jokes and a gif of a gorilla.

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My Twitter handle is @Phantom_Fox75. I talk primarily about video games on there, mainly Xbox and SEGA. I’m pretty active too.

My twitter handle is @CRZYSPZ. I know, original. For anyone that follows me, just a bit of advanced notice… I’m sorry. hah

@rokkerkory :slight_smile:

Just created a new Twitter account which I will use to focus on gaming, will keep my other Twitter account for more personal things.

Would love a a few follows (will obviously follow back).

I did just the same, more or less, yesterday. I was going to give you a follow, but it seems you changed your mind?

Anyway, if anyone cares to follow a fellow community member who’s trying to be a bit more social these days, feel free to seek me out at:

I hope to see some of you out on the Twittersphere, making it a better place.

I’ve actually updated my profile URL, it’s now…

Followed you :slight_smile:

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