Share your Gamertag and let’s be friends!

So I’ve ditched my old account with over 150k gamerscore and created a new one. Just to calm my OCD and complete every game I play getting all the achievements.

As my account is new, I thought about getting more friends/followers and a way for others to do the same.

Just add me at XBruh87 and I will definitely add you back. Feel free to post your gamertags, so I and the rest can follow you.


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My Gamertag is my username, ‘Scott x 2’, feel free to add me. Currently you’ll see me playing;

Halo 5 Halo MCC Apex Legends Rogue Company Rocket Arena Rocket League Grounded

Occassionally dabble in Sea of Thieves and Worms too.

Added you, add me now, fam :upside_down_face:

Will add you back when I’m online later!

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Hey folks - there’s already a thread to share Gamertags here.

Go post there! :slight_smile:

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