Samsung tease 'Top Secret Tech' with Xbox

What could it be🤔

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Holy crap, already? Hopefully LG follows too because I’d like that app on my C9.

I think it will be exclusive to samsung for a bit. It was most likely part of a deal with Samsung to have xcloud pre installed on Samsung phones. Samsung is always doing exclusivity on apps for tvs

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Hmmm I see. I should have kept the Samsung Q9FN then, haha. Nah just kidding. Returning that for the C9 was the best decision I’ve made this year.

Hopefully in due time it’ll come to other brands too. But soon I will have that amazing tower of power here next to the TV, so I honestly don’t even need XCloud really.

It’s actually the Xbox Fridge Note 20 :wink:

It’s probably the fridge


Apparently they’re making a “Cyberpunk” branded tv that you can’t buy but have to “find”. Might be this? :man_shrugging: (or it’s probably the fridge :smile:)


This has to be it🤷

I don’t think so. “Samsung QLED TV is our favorite way to play Xbox One X”