Ryse: Son of Rome as a potential franchise

I heard some people want the game to come back or get a sequel. But there’s one thing I’ve been wanting for it to be a franchise similar to Assassin’s Creed where each main character is from a different culture. I think this is such a good approach and could give you a way to explore a whole culture and tell different stories and offer fun experiences with unique heroes.

Ryse: Son of Greece playing as a Greek Warrior and probably sequel to Son of Rome
Ryse: Son of England playing as a Knight
Ryse: Son of America playing as a Native American warrior mixing bow and axes
Ryse: Son of Japan playing as a Samurai warrior
Ryse: Son of Africa playing as an African warrior with a spear and shield


I’m hoping the Crytek leak from a few years ago turns out to be 100% true (which thus far, it has been) as that would include Ryse Next. Don’t know about afterwards but at this point, just seeing it return would be a step in the right direction.


Ryse could become Xbox’s God of War.


Yes, please.

Ryse could be an epic franchise for Xbox. Just buy them and start the factories.


Ryse: Son of Marcus Fenix … :troll:


I’ve been saying the same thing for ages even down to the different time periods. The ones I came with where,

  • Ryse Son of Greece
  • Ryse Son of Valhalla (not accurate naming but sounds call)
  • Ryse Son of Atlantis
  • Ryse Daughter of Britannia
  • Ryse Son of the Nile

The first one had some great moments, but that combat could do with a more diversity. That would go a long way. Imagine if God of War only had a few moves and that’s about it.

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Ryse: Son of Sparta you play as a Spartan warrior during the Battle of Thermopylae

Ryse: Son of Troy takes place during the Trojan War


Would love to see a Ryse sequel, with a potential franchise

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I wouldn’t mind Ryse returning (as the IP has quite a bit of potential), but they’d have to really step up the game for it to gain traction. Honestly thought it was one of the most boring games I’ve played, and while the story had some good moments, I didn’t find it to be anything special either. I did quite like the setting at the very least.


Ryse suffered from Xbox One effect also.

It also suffered from rushed development, just like KI.

KI was so good. It suffered from budget though. And Microsoft’s oversight…

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We need more games based in the roman empire, that arent just strategy games… so yes, please.


Rumor is that a sequel is being made. I really liked the first one. It definitely deserved a sequel imho. I think it could help having Hellblade and this as sword-based combat games for covering that sub-genre. Always good to have a couple franchises in a space just in case plus they can build off each other.

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Now that I think about - indeed there was such rumor. Wonder if it is in development still or not? :thinking: Who owns the trademark?

It was one of the Nvidia leaks iirc. The one that turned out to be batting a thousand so far… :smiley:

Oh right. But still there are some games that were in the leak but were cancelled…

Still, what they heck was that leak? How come Nvidia owned the list of all those games?

During pandemic all these pubs had titles being tested remotely using their cloud stuff. And somehow all that info got leaked.

Makes sense. Though I wonder why on Nvidia servers then…