(Rumour) 2K E3 line-up leaked / Confirmed by Jason Schreier and Jeff Grubb

Dirk is a great pick for the legends edition. They really need to get Klay Thompson on there. The guy is a 3 time NBA champion and he’s never been on the cover. I hope they fix the shooting in that game. I gave up pretty quick on 2k21 because the shooting was trash


This sucks for 2k and everyone else.

Rumours are one thing but this is a full fledged leak.

If Xbox happens to have a leak like this, please cancel the e3 onference. Fuck the full-show leakers!


I believe this is more of a leak of some projects 2K is working on, not necessarily their E3 preesentation.

I’m hoping to see at least a couple of things from Private Divisions.

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I really hope that Firaxis is still working on an XCOM game, that is infinitely more interesting to me than some strategy Marvel game.

I’m in for Tinalands. Let’s just hope the Questdesign is a bit better and more “modern” than in BL3.

Luka Doncic ended his EA contract few weeks ago. It would be really cool to have Luka on the regular cover and Dirk on the legendary edition. Mavs fans are truly blessed.

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Dirk is a terrible pick for the cover of NBA 2K. Who’s next Hakeem Olujawon?

Dirk’s already retired. How about putting an upcoming exciting player like Trae Young or Luka Doncic? Both far more exciting than Dirk.

If Dirk is on a cover, they will obviously have multiple covers including current stars.