Rumor - Xbox Series V

I personally think it’s fake, because the box wouldn’t go down in size that much just removing the optical drive.

I think it’s fake and that Edinburgh is Xcloud servers.


Eh. My gut feeling is that MS has two well-defined, well-differentiated next gen options that are both great value propositions for what they offer. Adding more options at this point would only muddy the waters.

Edinburgh came up in one of those dev kit code leaks a few months back. It had everything from the original Xbox One to the Series X and S. Edinburgh was the only device target that was unknown. It wouldn’t be a digital edition of a console, you wouldn’t need a separate performance target for that in a dev kit. The most likely deduction is an xCloud configuration. Those things will have some differences from the X and S.

As for this Series V thing? Yeah 100% fake.

What if I want the power of XSX w/o the optical drive? It seems logical to have that variant.

I think 3 SKU’s is a bit much, and would be a better idea mid way through the gen to have a high spec digital so that people who want discs can still have the XSX.

why would they have a third configuration for the components

the series X has the split mobo that dictates the size, why would that change with the removal of the BD player

If the Series X was a $600+ console or something, then maybe it starts to make sense to have intermediate options for someone who doesn’t want the lowest-end option, but still wants to save some money. But there’s also a benefit to having a console lineup that is clear and easy to understand and not have customers feel overwhelmed with options. $200 isn’t a wide enough price difference that there’s a need to slice and dice within that, IMO.

Taken off screen and tilted with a bad camera…yeah, it’s 100% fake every time.

But for the purpose of dicussing this. I think an Xbox Series X without a disc drive 50€ cheaper could work, but it could be seen as more confusing even though it’s not.

I’m more interested by a Xbox Series X with 2tb.

I came here to say samething but you took the words right out of my mouth.

If it had been exactly the same specs as XSX but without disc drive I maybe have been interested, because I barely ever insert a BR in my Xbox and I don’t buy hard copies of games much either anymore. And if the price had been 399 I would have done it.

But it’s not a console for us. It’s for Xcloud.

This is 100% fake. Edinburgh is not fake, but I have no info on what that is. I can’t prove in here as I do not want to expose anyone, but trust me, it’s fake.

I’d like either one of those options, bit less money for all-digital or (fair) bit more money for more storage. Probably best not to muddle things though, I agree.

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The Xbox Series V doesn’t make sense, so I think it’s a fake.

Edinburgh is the Switch Pro :chief_think:

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I think a digital version of the Series X could come down the road, but I would have to imagine that it would be branded as the Series X Digital or Series XD or something like that. They have a clear (or arguably clear) delineation between the Series X (4k) and Series S (1080/1440). I couldn’t see them muddy the waters by having something that is actually somewhere between the X and S in terms of specs.


My X1X is perfectly fine for the games I’m planning to play in the next 18 months. I will definitely wait until XSX ‘all digital’ arrives, that will be my next console.