Rocksmith+ announced for consoles; releasing later this year

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Ubisoft has announced Rocksmith+, a new subscription service that promises to teach anyone how to play guitar and bass that will be available this Summer on PC, Fall on console, and to be announced timing on mobile

Users can use any real guitar or bass – and for the first time, you can even play with an acoustic guitar using the Rocksmith+ Connect mobile app, which offers phone-as-mic technology. Pair your mobile device with your PC or console, and the on-board microphone can track your guitar – playing with no additional gear needed. This app also works if you want to rock out on an electric instrument with an amp. Rocksmith+ is also compatible with consoles and PC using the Rocksmith® Real Tone Cable.

Described as a “premier music-learning software”, this new iteration is built upon the award-winning Rocksmith methods and practice tools developed by Ubisoft San Francisco.

Rocksmith+ will be available for $14.99 per month, $39.99 for a 3-month subscription, and $99.99 for a 12-month subscription. The subscription service provides free content updates that will add new songs weekly, as well as new modes, practice tools, and other features on a regular basis. Be warned, though, as the subscription does not carry between platforms.


This looks interesting… and aspirational.

I wonder if anyone here has experience going from zero-to-competent with a guitar using Rocksmith alone.

I have zero musical bones in my body, but I enjoyed some Rock Band and Guitar Hero in the heady days of plastic-instrument madness,.

I had a similar background.

I played so much Guitar Hero and Rock Band in my life that I could play pretty much any song on Expert. Decided to buy a guitar during the pandemic and tried Rocksmith. A year later I can confidently say I made a lot of progress and can play a few songs. You’ll probably be missing a lot of theory and tips a real teacher could provide, but Rocksmith makes it a lot more fun!

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