Rock Band 4 |OT| R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Still Getting Weekly D-L-C

Back in the good ol days of the 360. There was a great website that you could put all the songs you owned and it would make a super great kareoke book.

I now have oodles more of DLC so I need to reprint it. Any of you folks recall the link to website/tool? is what you’re thinking of!

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This isnt exactly the website but this might work thanks mate

Select and save all of your songs in ‘Songs’ ->‘My DLC.’

Go to ‘Songs’ → ‘Export’

Select your ‘Game’ options and choose ‘Karaoke PDF Booklet’ in ‘Format.’ Export.

Select your PDF Options. Click 'Generate PD

(there was another site that generated songbooks but it’s no longer online)

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Ah gotcha. Thanks mate

While I’m fortunate enough to own the 360 gear including the pro guitar, Rock Band 4 has always been impossible to find.

Hopefully one day I can get access to the kit.

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Unfortunately the chip shortage precludes them making any more instruments even if they had the demand for them. Some people have taken to disassembling broken Rock Band drum kits that have broken pads/etc but a working brainboard and soldering wires to connect it up to an e-kit