Review | Monster Hunter Rise

Sounds very fun. I’ll suggest this to my group then for sure!

Aha, that’s very good to know, thanks.

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Monster hunter rise on console is interesting. They included most of the graphical settings from PC. You can even super sample up to 125% the standard resolution.

Yup, this is a much better co-op experience than World. Been playing with friends on PC the last few weeks and it’s great.


Which setting is the super sample?

It’s the image quality setting. It defaults to 100%, but can be changed to 125%. Though this does introduce frame rate drops, at least when everything else is maxed out.

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I’ve been trying to get this to run on my Steam Deck (win11 Game Pass) all day but keeps crashing at the compiling Shaders screen. Anyone else had a similar problem on PC?

I’ve been playing on Xbox but seems like the perfect game to play on the sofa whilst watching TV.

Runs flawlessly for me on xcloud with MOGA add on. I do have grest wifi connection though. I usually only play non action based games on cloud but this game is very playable on xcloud and even runs 60fps if connection is stable.

Have to ask; is something up with the multiplayer on this version or do Xbox players just not use the join in progress quests feature?

I’m playing with one friend and it’s rare for others to join in progress. On Switch I get a full lobby after starting a quest within a minute.

And to be mean for a second most of the randoms who joined weren’t very good :sweat_smile:. I know many new players are figuring things out but I am kind of missing that Switch playerbase at the moment lol.

In MHW it was clear when a monster was on the brink of death. He’d start to walk with a limp or it would show a skull icon but in Rise it seems these signals aren’t there?

You don’t get the skull (and that’s cheating :rage:), but they still limp away.

Best capture strategy for me is let them limp away, because they’ll usually get a burst of speed afterwards and run to a new area. After they reach their new area then I capture them.

But it seems not all of them limp, that big badger like thing just now was slain without him ever limping, lol.

As for capturing, iirc in World they had to be limping, when they could be captured, right? Still the same here? I haven’t been capturing at all yet, only slaying, haha.

From my experience so far when a monster is weak enough to capture it will limp but only till its about to leave the immediate zone then they move normally, they don’t limp all the way back to their nest like world.

also a couple other indications are a blue skull over their minimap icon as well as under their picture in the top right, If you have a Palico with you they also will say something indicating the monster is weak enough to capture.

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Can I bring a palico and palamute with me? It doesn’t seem possible online, but when I go on solo quests?

solo you can have 2 buddies, multiplayer you only have 1

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And what exactly can we do with the owl?

The owl is the reason you always know where the monsters are now. Before you used to have to track them down.

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I don’t fully understand yet how to make monsters mountable.

I did the training, easy enough. But now I’m fighting the great Izuchi, I’ve attacked him multiple times with a silkbind attack (LT+Y, also B) but not once did I get the chance to mount him.

Does he need to be weak first?

" Get monsters into a Mountable State by damaging them enough with Wirebug Jumping Attacks or Silkbind moves, letting them fight each other, or using certain Endemic Life ."

It doesn’t alway shappen, most of the time I had it occur was when two monsters would fight each other.

Yeah it seems that’s the best way. I probably was too strong for Izuchi and slayed him before being able to mount him. I Googled it and it’s often better to find a weaker monster, it will be easy to get him in a mountable state and then ram it against your target or attack it. Nice.

I think I’m gonna switch from Switch Axe to Hammer. The hammer seems extremely fun and I read that the MH community sees it as one of the most fun weapons. But…easy to pick up, hard to master they say. But I’m going for it.

Gotta love the awesome combat system in these games, the depth of the many weapons. It’s good to be back, love this franchise now. MH2 will be a day one for me, zero doubts.