Review | Bright Memory: Infinite

Yeah i remember now it was a launch title for series so i thought it was on gamepass. Maybe ms didnt want to pay for a 1 hour demo for gp.

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Honestly I don’t have any strong opinions either way on this one. I enjoyed it. I think as a budget title it succeeds. If you enjoyed CrossfireX then you should like this game. I preferred CrossfireX a little bit more because I feel Remedy has a bit more polish and more variety in level design. Also CrossfireX had a more defined plot. That said Bright Memory Infinite does have a style and gameplay that is fun. I’d say, if it was a day1 Gamepass title, gamers would crucify it. I remember how “gamers” called CrossfireX ‘trash’ so I imagine that if Bright Memory Infinite had been a Gamepass title all those same gamers would just groupthink hate on it in the same unfair exaggerated way.

It’s a budget title; It’s short… but also it’s competent and fun. $20 is basically a “day1 tax”. I’d say it’s true value is closer to $10. With all those caveats I recommend this game. That said it’s probably not even in the top three games of the week. By years end it will be lucky to make the top 50 :upside_down_face: Just remember that it’s a budget title so that should matter when giving criticism.