Review | Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

Great review!

Catching up on content a bit here :wink:

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With both this game and Redfall I am not alone in my score, yet I feel focused on more than others for abuse and I blame Nick!


It’s pretty much always his fault, isn’t it?


I keep having people yell at me that I ‘refused to buy upgrades’. Buddy I put like 30 hours in to a 15 hour long narrative because I kept grinding money to buy every single frigging upgrade. I simply didn’t like that loop, at all. I don’t like how you work your way to a boss, find out it’s a difficulty spike, and then have to go grind for a while to make sure you can buy every available upgrade as you blindly hope to figure out which one works best.


I hate that gameplay loop too. FF7R did that. You had to fight the boss for the first time with whatever materia you happened to have equiped. So the gameplay loop was:

  1. Start long-ass boss fight without any ability to obtain any knowledge of boss’s weakness beforehand. Let’s hope you randomly have the correct loadout!

  2. Die because how could you possibly have the correct loadout the first time.

  3. Tailor your gear to face this specific boss and maybe grind if needed.

  4. Redo boss fight

Games should work like the Witcher. In the Witcher games, you can do research beforehand to figure out what bombs, oils, potions, signs, etc. work on a boss-monster (at least most of the time). If Geralt can pick up a book so can Cloud.


I thought it was fine but lower end Zelda for me

Skyward Sword is the only major 3D Zelda i think is genuinely not very good. Yeah I don’t care what Nick Says. That game is widely considered the worst 3D Zelda and for good reason. Design wise its an absolute mess of a game. Horrible overworld horrible controls and very poor content. Decent dungeons music and art style though.

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Skyward Sword HD is one of the handful of Zelda games I actually completed, and I regret that because it burned me out on the series. Yeah it isn’t very good. I should have tried to complete OoT or MM first. From what I played, they are very cool and interesting games (I even have some nostalgia for them), but I just find the traditional Zelda gameplay loop and controls tedious (personally).

How dare u

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Loving the game so far. It’s been a while since I’ve been hooked on a game like this. The story is mostly background noise but that’s the biggest criticism I can throw at it. There is a difficulty spike for end chapter bosses but once you figure out the right build/strategy, it’s a ton of fun to overcome.

Hopefully this is successful enough that we see more mech games. Would love to see Sega work with From on a Chromehounds 2.


May I ask why this game seems to get no criticism for the the game engine while Halo Infinite got a lot of flack ?

The visuals here are very last gen still a wonderful fun game so far

SEGA & FROM should remake the 360 game . It’s hard to think of a better LIVE multiplayer game


I actually think they get more flack for their engine than they deserve. Granted, I think there is certainly room for improvement, especially on the performance side of things but this is actually one of the better performing From games in a while. The mechs are highly detailed, textures look good, minimal SSAO artifacts, good draw distance, beautiful backdrops, and a decent amount of world geometry detail. The explosions can be better IMO and really, the biggest area I can see people having an issue with is the art direction, which is usually From’s strong point. I’m a bit split on that last bit though since there is still plenty of variety with the environments and a post apocalyptic setting is nothing new for mech games.

My guess is Halo got the criticism that it did because it was a big budget, tent pole, title from a major 1st part publisher. It also had a number of issues, especially at launch, like broken Dolby Vision, issues with distant detail, improper frame pacing, and more while being sold as a game “built” for next gen consoles. From didn’t make similar claims or is being supported by a two trillion dollar company, so it’s not held to the same standard and that’s OK IMO. I actually think both games look good overall and have a hard time comparing them considering the vastly different directions and goals both teams aimed for.

That’s actually my biggest disappointment with AC6. I was hoping they’d try to recreate the persistent world with a war between three factions. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Chromehounds’ was so amazing for that reason alone.

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I bought Chromehounds and SEGA shut down the servers a week later :weary: It was a used copy so the disc doesn’t read 1 out of 5 times, might have to see if it’s available on the 360 digital store.

One thing I’m glad Jesse mentioned was the history of the AC games, and the fact that the controls have been fixed.

While I loved the original for what it was, even back then I hated the controls. It seemed like they’d never fix them in the sequels so it’s good to know they did do so now.

I feel for anyone whos first zelda is SS or their first complete experience.

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The game remains one of the best experiences I’ve ever had on LIVE

The game really wasn’t built for next gen consoles much of the game for the game was developed for Xbox One.

I didn’t have issue with dolby vision or frame pacing think the game looks better than AC 6 Halo Infinite water effects are really basic and let the game down . That’s my take and I don’t want to hurt or insult anyone or developer just how I feel about the games

I agree with you on Chromhounds . Did anyone ever remember those massive huge boss battles that would drop online and certain times ? .

Baldur’s gate will probably be goty. But i think this is easily top 3. Really impressed, Such an amazing game.