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Will AoE 4 be playable via cloud for PC?

Pretty good review and I mostly agree.

Having played AoE trilogy, AoM and fair amount of AoE IV Beta, I unfortunately have to say, that this is a mixed bag for me. I think this is basically AoE II 2 with some AoE III and some actually new elements in it, but I think this plays a lot of things too safe, especially the time setting (Medieval era).

I imagined before the gameplay reveal that AoE IV timespan would cover WW1, WW2, Cold War and Modern setting and would play more like Company of Heroes or Wargame, but that probably would’ve conflicted with CoH III release and could be hard to balance.

Anyway, I would give this one 7/10 in its current form. Fixing the bugs (especially pathfinding), releasing a graphics mod (I don’t like the graphics at all) and releasing more unique civs, like Mongolians would get this to 9/10. That’s the max I would give AoE IV since it doesn’t bring that much new stuff to AoE series and to whole RTS genre.

I’m glad this is getting good reviews though, but I’m in no rush to play this. Maybe next year when they have (hopefully) fixed some of the most annoying bugs.


Good review!

Not a fan of the graphics, but the actual gameplay looks fun.


not currently

Probably not. The games that run in the cloud (so far) have been Xbox console games, and as of now there are no announced plans to bring AoE4 to console. It’s a shame, but it’s the reality we’re in…for now.

(slight tangent, but this is something Stadia got right - one version of a game that you can play anywhere, with either KBM or controller. Hopefully Microsoft will get there eventually!)

Thanks! Yeah, I can see your points and I think they’re valid. Personally I’m fond of the medieval era (and especially tales from that time period that I’ve never heard before)

I wasn’t sure what to score AoE4 to be honest. I really liked the game, but there’s still quite some rough edges. Most notably in the QoL department.

I do like the artstyle though.

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Agree. I think most of the problems can be fixed with patches (QoL bugs), content updates (unique civs) or mods (graphics).

I also don’t have major problems with the artstyle (exaggerated weapon sizes etc.), but the graphics themselves were lacking detail during beta, but maybe there will be a high-def texture pack like in AoE II DE later on. But like I said earlier, this can very well become 9/10 if World’s Edge/Relic keep updating the game and listening to community.

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Nothing beats the Romantic era style of the OG Age games.

I certainly hope never.

That won’t be an AoE game anymore

yeah thats more like company of heroes haha

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And I certainly hope AoE won’t get stuck in AoE trilogy eras.

You will need a new series - because the mechanics change even with a few ranged units. The eras that you are asking for would include enormous number of ranged units. There is no need of things like monks anymore.

Maybe, an Age of Wars as a new series very similar to how they introduced Age of Mythology.

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Yeah, an AoE game that ends up with tanks and more modern units sounds like Civilization or Company of Heroes.

edit - I should clarify, Civilization 5 is my favorite game of all time, but I want AoE to keep leaning into the things that make it unique and special, and modern military escalation is not that.

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This game is amazing. And doing quite well on Steam.


You need to do a community night someday with AoE

With the four of us on XboxEra who play it? :smiley:

But yeah, great idea. The big XboxEra 8 player FFA.

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You can invite one of the popular AoE content creators and play with/against them too. Or play against Relic and World’s Edge - if Isgreen is still reachable.