Return to Monkey Island announced


Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman writing.

Rex Crowle (of Knights and Bikes fame) as lead designer.

Will be a follow-up to Monkey Island 2.

No platforms announced yet.

Edit: Looks like Ron announced it on Friday and no one believed him: Grumpy Gamer - April Fools' 2022


I’m glad to see Ron Gilbert and Dominic Armato back, but I find it a slight bummer that it’s a direct sequel to LeChuck’s Revenge and not Curse of Monkey Island. I wonder if it’s considered a sequel/prequel, or if they’re retbooting the timeline à la the new Halloween film series.

While Gilbert’s absence is definitely noticed in Curse, and as a result it isn’t as good (albeit very pretty) as the first two in the series, I did find it to still be definitely worthy of the franchise. Unlike some other games I’ll not mention.

Yeah aren’t there like five Monkey Island games? Are they retconning those sequels Terminator-style?

it’s weird because Murray is in this one. and he appeared in Curse. so no idea how it will work, but Ron has long wanted to make his version of Monkey Island 3.

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Yeah, and I’m glad Murray’s back. He was one of the best parts of Curse. I guess it’s a retboot then, since it wouldn’t make sense to have Murray be there if it was a sequel/prequel.

Yeah, there are. But the less said about 4, the better. I’ve never actually played the fifth one by Telltale, something I suppose I should rectify.

More from Ron:

it’s possible this game takes place in-between 2 and 3. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


That’s great to hear. And colour me intrigued of how they’ll manage the timeline.

I hope this comes to Xbox. Yeah, I know it’s probably best played on a PC, but I’d rather kick back in my recliner with a controller than sit in my office chair using a mouse.

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like any LucasArts/Film or Double Fine game i’m sure i’ll end up buying it on ever platform I got. but yeah, Xbox would be nice to join my copies of MI1 and MI2

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I really hope this will come to Game Pass, because these games are great and having it on Game Pass means everyone can enjoy the greatness of Monkey Island.

don’t say we weren’t warned:


abolute best of all megatons

happy happy joy joy!

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it’s like Christmas today.

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And David Fox, famous for his programming and game design in classics like Rescue on Fractalus, Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken and Thimbleweed Park is also part of the project.

This is going to be soooo good. Move out of the way, Elden Ring!


And he truly did announce it on April 1st, even if the official announcement wasn’t until April 4th. But on April Fools’ day he unceremoniously first mentioned it on his blog, Grumpy Gamer:


Really glad to hear they aren’t kicking Curse to the curb, game was my childhood and for me the very best of the series

As for platforms I imagine this will come to everything

I want an Amiga port with at least 12 Disks like the good old monkey Island 2 to get retro experience . Back then I had the time to change the disk everytime i left the screen…

regarding Guybrush’s updated look. Here is a rendering Rex did in 2009 (i think). Ron highlighted it then. stands to reason it may be close to what we see in the new game.

Edit: Also Elaine’s voice is back.

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I am very excited for this. Gilbert is a legend.

There hasn’t been any mention of release platforms, has there? I know Thimbleweed Park launched on Xbox so that’s a good sign.

I can identify with today’s CAD comic:

That guybrush look is absolutely hideous

Id kill to get art like curse again, one of the most beautiful games ever made