Resident Evil Village: Expansion & Gold Edition - Reveal Trailer

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Surprised no one replied to this…

I never bought Village because I wanted to wait for the full edition to come out and now it finally is! Third person is a huge surprise to me, it’s like the reverse of The Evil Within 2 lol. Will absolutely play it in third person now, and am kind of hoping they make RE7 in third person as well but I’m not gonna hold my breath. Wonder if they’ll implement it in cutscenes…

Looking forward to Shadow of Rose, it looks like it’s third person only because I don’t see any mention of first person.

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I made a topic about re2 and 3 and there was some discussion there

But yeah grest news. Cannotbwait for 3rd person. Without that 3rd person mode i wouldnt habe gone back to this game tbh

Looks so good. can’t wait.

Very surprised that they added a third person mode to Village. Makes me wonder if RE 9 will be first or third person. :thinking:

Me too interested in the 3rd person mode announcement.I haven’t played the game yet.When i jump into,3rd person would probably be my first choice.