Report: WWE confiscating their wrestlers’ Twitch channels (where many of them have taken to streaming videogames), and giving them only a portion of the money earned AGAINST their downside guarantees

I understand the gaming connection here is alittle strained, but we are talking about large game streaming channels.

Obviously, this is disgusting. WWE is essentially wanting to subtract the money (and not even all of it) these guys earn from Twitch from their money that WWE has to pay them. Fuck every bit of this.

Facts this pisses me off as a wwe fan


I really hate the WWE for so many reasons, so this is just another reason to throw on the pile. Vince sucks and just needs to go away.

AEW is awesome and is definitely forward thinking where WWE is stuck firmly in the past. Listening to “talent” talk about their experiences after leaving the WWE is depressing.


I stopped watching WWE a long time ago. Only watched a little when CM Punk was the main guy for a few years. I was watching NXT and AEW when they started going head to head a year ago but once Covid-19 hit and there’s no fans in the arena, completely turned me off so I stopped watching. Hopefully by 2022 or sooner, the fans will be back in arenas.

As for the topic, it’s definitely shitty but it’s Vince McMahon so is it really a surprise?

On the other side, there does appear to be an AEW wrestling game made in the style of WrestleMania 2000 and No Mercy. The AKI games. Other than this, just no interest until fans are allowed back into arenas.

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AEW actually has fans back now and there are enough of them to make it feel almost like normal. The atmosphere is definitely way better.

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WWE is such an awful company, and its scary they have this much of control over talent that aren’t employees. Technically every WWE performer are independent contractors, so they don’t get same benefits as full time employees and their travel schedule is insane. I really hope the talent challenges WWE and see if they’ll actually face the PR of firing them for not handing over twitch account

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Is it actual fans or just AEW employees in the first few rows?

Actual fans. There’s about 750-1000 of them I think.

They’ve been doing it for about a month now I think. They could get away with it because they’re in an “outdoor” venue. I think most of the fans are further back though just to be safe.

Okay. Didn’t know this. Will have to check it out again. Thanks.