REPLACED delayed to 2023 due to war in Ukraine

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Today the teams behind REPLACED have announced the game isn’t launching this year. REPLACED is now set to release in 2023, as the war in Ukraine has heavily impacted the development of the game.

The developers behind REPLACED are Sad Cat Studios, a team based in Belarus and Ukraine. Due to the situation in Ukraine most of the team has relocated to a different location. Work on the game has resumed again, but it has caused this delay to happen.

The publishers behind REPLACED, Coatsink and Thunderful have committed to support the studio and the development of the game.

REPLACED is set to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Xbox Game Pass.


This was a rather easy one to see coming

Expecting it from most developers. Add in the fact that they’re Russian/Belarusian…


Good on the devs and pub for making this decision. Must have been difficult.

Help us, Somerville, you’re our only hope!

I feel dumb learning how many studios and developpers are from Ukraine or Belarus.

I’m curious if they’re already feeling the weight of the sanctions.

Belarusians never wanted this war…

They’ve done some things to help Russia that are not popular among others around there

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I’m not sure if you finished posting.

I meant that (most) Belarusians don’t want this war as they are taken hostage by Putin and Lukashenko, who allowed the russian army on its soil.

The Belarusian army will never enter Ukraine at this point as they are probably refusing to fight Ukrainians.

Belarusians have even been sabotaging their own railways. It’s not much, but it’s still a sign of what people really think about this war.

Oh i agree. The people are probably feeling for Ukrain, but their government made some bad moves. And per usual everyone siffers the ire for that. Not fair, but that’s how it always goes

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Glad the team is given more time and hope all the members are now safe.