Redfall gameplay revealed - launching 2023

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Arkane’s new game Redfall, which was revealed back in 2021, received a new gameplay trailer at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022. A new release date wasn’t announced. The game is still set to launch in 2023.

During the gameplay trailer we learn how the world of Redfall is a twisted one, where reality isn’t what it seems.

Redfall launches in 2023 on Xbox consoles, Windows 10/11, Steam, the Epic Game Store and Xbox Game Pass.


I’m glad that they keep emphasizing that the game can be played solo, since so many of us will be playing it that way.


As has been reiterated 1000 times since its announcement, particularly to people who keep saying they are making a Left 4 Dead clone, they arent.

They are making a story driven arkane game that you can play with friends, or ALONE in its entirety.


Music to my ears.

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What they are trying to create just sounds so good to me, did they say if its 2 person co-op or up to 4?

Please don’t release this and Diablo 4 on the next month, all i ask for, i don’t want to have to choose.

Everything i see in the video looks great, except the character design and animations, feels bit too cartonish but i can totally live with that

I believe it is 1-4

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It still looked like Left 4 Dead

I get a bit of a borderlands vibe without all the extra side mission stuff which I like

I wasn’t sure on this one before today, but man that gameplay trailer got me very excited for this one with all of the unique gameplay variety for the different characters! This looks awesome to play with friends too, can’t wait.

Watched it in 4k and loved the lighting effects in the game. Really looking forward to it.

Watched the trailer a second time and yeah, game looks very fun indeed

and no, it really doesn’t look like L4D thankfully

As a big Arkane fan, I have an almost irrational dislike of this game by this point. Partly it’s the abandonment of the immersive sim genre, but on a more personal (and pathetic!) level, I feel like they’ve made a conscious decision early in development to target a much broader and, dare I say, younger audience. The intended player here is not the player that bought Arx Fatalis in 2002, or even Prey in 2017. I feel like I got older, and Arkane wants someone younger. Commercially, it’s the right decision, I’m sure.

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Doesn’t really seem tonally different than Dishonored…

Except everything you just said is the opposite of what the devs are saying the game is.

How so? It’s an immersive sim after all?

So, Roundhouse was assisting with Redfall.

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Read this article.

The journo there seems to have a good grasp of what makes an immersive sim, so that’s encouraging. I’m still not convinced by the whole ‘you can play it single player and it’s just as great!’ thing, particularly when the journo concedes this:

‘Its setting may mean we won’t get anything as intricately brilliant as The Clockwork Mansion, and its structure prevents it from having the elegance of Deathloop’s overarching rulebook, but there’s something undeniably alluring about being able to share an immersive sim with another person.’

So, a solo player loses some of the impeccable level design due to openworld and multiplayer, and gains … what, exactly? Actually, here’s one benefit of playing solo: ‘miss[ing] out on all the dynamic conversation that happens between a properly mixed party’. Less of the Netflix Original dialogue will probably improve things.

I’ll still give it a go. Low expectations.

This looked nothing like left 4 dead. Where are the hordes of enemies and the need to run and gun. This definitely seemed more slower think about how your going to approach the situation. The problem is they need more time to show this game off like do a mission walk through as a solo person

I believe it was Major Nelson last year that said it would still very much be a immersive aim with environmental storytelling. I hope they have some great environmental storytelling.