QuakeCon 2022 |OT|

Quakecon is right around the corner (this week isn’t it) and I see no discussions.

Here’s my predictions, which I expect all of these to be there: -Doom 3 tease (new doom series sequel, PC/Xbox exclusive) -Quake 2 remaster (all platforms) -Quake 4 remaster (PC, this has leaked sort of already) -Quake Champions console port (ps/Xbox) plus crossplay -Wolfenstein part 3 (Xbox/PC exclusive)


I think Quake is going to be a big part of it this year. I think ID reveals the new Quake as an xbox/pc exclusive. Some starfield info. nothing major. Quake remasters. Redfall info. class info and other stuff. maybe a release date. I predict more fallout 76 and ESO updates. If Indy is multiplat maybe we see it here.

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Revealing Quake would be quite the stunner and a huge announcement for Xbox. Idk if they’d do something like that outside a massive event (one with millions watching).

Have they said what we could expect there? I dont see anything “big” happening, those quake remasters, more info of TESO and Fallout 76 future and maybe redfall gameplay?

Quakecon is THE quake event. Where else would they announce it ?


E3 with millions of viewers or VGA with millions of viewers.

In the era of the internet it doesn’t matter where it’s announced if it’s something people are excited about it will get viral amounts of views regardless

" Streams focused on games will include existing and upcoming titles, like Redfall, The Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Quake, and more."

I believe it opens with a 30 minute Redfall presentation


Quake II Remaster.


Perfect place to announce the HeXen, Quake 4, etc versions/ports that are being tested via the Insider Program. I don’t expect too much on Redfall, although I’m always in for some more gameplay footage and maybe even a release period/date.

[/quote] Thanks! so yeah, do not expect anything “bombastic” here. Interested in seeing more of Redfall though.

Im not expecting anything new beyond maybe something small like a Quake 2 remaster

Anything major like Doom 3/Quake Reboot/anything iD or Machine Games, not happening

Bunch of remasters of old games.

GamePass fodder !

I think we get the Quake 2 remaster and MAYBE a behind the scenes video or trailer for Redfall. That’s it.

There’s some good sales on the Xbox store now.

I wonder if we might get a Prey sequel announcement !?

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Don’t do this to yourself, haha.

Redfall already confirmed to have a 30-min showing. Has to be gameplay there, new gameplay.


It could very well be a 30 minute developer discussion. New gameplay is NOT guaranteed and should not be expected to avoid disappointment.

Gamescom Opening Night Light is more likely for big news on Redfall or Starfield.


What about an exclusive Rage 3 ?