PSA: Get 4 Months of GamePass Ultimate for the Price of 3!

Thought people might find this interesting.

It CAN be combined with the deals on 3 months of GamePass Ultimate floating around over Black Friday

To do it you need to redeem your codes on a PC or online space, not the console.


  1. Ensure reoccurring billing for your GamePass Ultimate sub is off. Go to Your GamePass sub should be there with an option to turn on or off reoccurring billing. MAKE SURE REOCCURRING BILLING IS OFF

  2. Go to and redeem a GamePass Ultimate sub card, one of the three month deal cards is a good option. For me this was the best deal.

  3. You should get a notification asking you to turn on reoccurring billing and offering you 1 month of GamePass Ultimate for free in exchange. Select yes obviously…

  4. Congrats you got 4 months of ultimate for the discounted price of 3!

  5. Now go back into your account and turn off reoccurring billing… Repeat steps 1-3 for the number of sub cards you want to redeem. I did it for 9 months worth of three month subs and got a years worth of GamePass Ultimate at the end.

You could probably do this with 1 month cards as well to get effectively 50% off. For me though it was still cheaper to do it with the three month cards.