Private Division signs publishing deals with Moon Studios, League of Geeks,

Private Division seems like a great publisher for medium sized games from independent developers. Looking forward to this ARPG.

Would have been nice if Microsoft did a similar deal, for Game Pass in particular, but I’m very happy for Moon Studios either way. Insanely talented studio with an incredible artistic eye, they absolutely deserve the trust of big publishers after the stellar Ori games.

Happy for Moon and can’t wait to see their game.

I like Private Division and MS is close with them so we may see GamePass. Just glad to see Moon will keep making games on Xbox.

You got the sense that their next game would be multiplatform and I couldn’t be happier more people will be able to play their game.

Have any other Private Division games besides The Outer Worlds gone on Game Pass? Kerbal, Disintegration and Ancestors haven’t… right?

I guess not. I thought Ancestors came but turns out I was wrong. I’d get Disintegration on ASAP as I don’t think a free weekend is gonna cut it.

Ok so this is what Thomas was talking to me about. Guessed it correctly then.

Disintegration seems a safe bet to land on the Pass soon. Game really didn’t do well.

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Ditto. Their next game is gonna be epic.

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My co-worker/friend really liked it. I would totally jump in if on Game Pass.