Playstation Portal Reviews and Discussion

I’m not crazy then. I got those vibes too, it’s just too obviously fake. It makes the man with gun in the background stand out.


But wtf, scared of Sony and their pathetic fanbase? That’s insane. Scared Sony won’t send them copies of games to review anymore? This should not be a thing.

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:joy: no worries. The reason why I throw zany ideas out there is so it can be critiqued and made into something more reasonable.

You all might think I’m kidding, but I invented Tesla’s fastest vehicles with the revolutionary drivetrain found in the P90D well before the car was released.

For years I didn’t realize that I shared the design at 4am on a form called EV Forums that was a forum for people who did EV car conversions. In the same way I was posting a zany idea that has never been done before. Electric vehicles use DC motors and would never use AC motors because it didn’t make sense for brake recharging. Also my goal was to create the fastest vehicle out there I wasn’t caring about energy efficiency.

So I post the advantages of such a design in a thread here, asking for reasons and critiques because it just seemed so obvious to me and no one was doing it. I totally forgot that I even signed up for the forum and made that post until I found it again in 2017.

The funny thing is when I compare to my post to the Tesla P90D information page the bullet points read nearly the same as my forum post. I should have saved their page so I could actually show people how similar it was. Maybe the internet archive will have it.

So yeah my point being that I like throwing zany ideas out there and having them criticized and broken down. It’s how we come to a reasonable compromise that’s rooted more in practicality.


It’s complete madness. Why are people generally not mentioning that you can already achieve local streaming on a phone for example with a controller attached and have been able to do so for years and years - I used the unofficial Xbox one a long time ago. That involves no extra cost and works just as well as this does with the exact same limitations.

This device is crazily priced…it’s a $50 thing…but by making its own screen it becomes insanely expensive. And then is packed full of limitations…can’t stream from Netflix etc…can’t stream games from the cloud etc….

I find the reception bizarre to be honest. It’s one of the most egregiously expensive and poor products I can remember.




I think eventually gaming will splinter into two distinct markets.

Sony market: Where Sony fanboys keep pumping money into Sony no matter what they do and the media just goes right along.

The Rest of gaming: Where gamers want value and variety in their gaming experience and flock to services like Gamepass and other consumer friendly services.

No one asked for this thing and it is really useless given the world of smartphones and tablets but since Sony put it out we can’t call a spade a spade can we? Gaming has to tip toe around the issue not to piss off crazy nut job Sony fans and the Media that directly caters to them.


Basically, mobile scenario.

I would definitely use this product if I was heavily invested into the PS ecosystem but I’m not (like Nintendo I buy all PS games physically then sell them).

If it were Xbox where I have my digital library and GamePass then it would be a different conversation. Still I’d want Bluetooth headphones and a cheaper price point too!

I often find myself playing the Switch on the sofa while my wife and daughters watch some meh TV show like Strictly Come Dancing, so this sort of product is perfect for that. I have been considering getting one of the many mobile PC handhelds for this exact reason (I currently have a Razer Kishi).


It does very little and fails at it half the time. 4/5 stars.


Your use case scenario is exactly why I don’t have a problem with the device existing. My problem is with the way the device has been covered as if it’s some great portable gaming device. It’s just a PS5 peripheral and if it was treated as such I don’t think there would be as much consternation from individuals like myself. I don’t even blame Sony for this, but rather the gaming media that is seemingly bending over backwards to be positive about it.


You’re right I’m normally quite harsh on Sony but their marketing has been quite clear on this, for example stating it’s for Home Wi-Fi and showing people sitting around at home using it.

The media however appears to portraying it as the next PSP/Vita instead of a glorified Backbone/Kishi with a dedicated screen.


Bingo. I always could see the use-case, which would be beneficial in my case if I had a PS5; the problem has ALWAYS been the price and its complete lack of capability compared to the devices on the market this is being erroneously compared to - worse is the fact that the review coverage completely ignore the fact that it’s not a host itself, which means it’s not only reliant on the ownership of another product but also that it has to be on the same network since it can’t locally install/host games.

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PlayStation is approaching Apple’s level of blind brand loyalty for some people. At this point I think that they could release a special ultra PS5 HDMI cable, charge 150 usd for it and get people to talk about it as if it was something revolutionary.


They could release a turd in a box and the coverage would be “While the turd does stink, it’s not really that bad once you get used to it and the box it comes in just feels premium. Sure not everyone will have a use for it, but as turds go, it’s one of the best we’ve ever seen”. :smile:


I feel like this is just getting released then alienated like PSVR2.


If this supported 5G and access to PlayStation Now completely independent of local hardware, I’d be interested.

At least with this it doesn’t require software specifically built for it, I think it’s still extremely overpriced for what it is and basically offers nothing of value but PSVR2 costs 3x as much and actually needs devs to support it


PSVR2? What’s that?


And the Vita… the original VR… the original Move… the PS2 Eye… the PS3 eye, and I could literally go on. As someone who’s seen Sony drop support on so many PS peripherals/platforms after 18 months (or less sometimes), why anyone would think Sony will continue to support that $300 accessory is beyond me. Something something definition of insanity :woozy_face:


IGN is just such a joke. They have plenty criticism, valid complaints and then they say it’s a must own and slap a 8 on it. Fuck outta here man.