Playstation 5 Price Speculation Thread

$249 Lockhart and $399 would be super aggressive. I don’t think it’s likely but I guess it depends on how aggressive Ms wants to be in the console space or if they are OK with consoles selling a lot less than ps5 since they are getting users from pc and Xcloud.

The insane part is that I think that even a $399 SX would still be outsold by a $499 ps5

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Probably, with the PS4 momentum and support outside of NA. But they could grab a big chunk of the casual market.

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book it :b i only see Lockhart being cheaper if it comes w/o controller.

The current meta is XSX and PS5: 499

XSS (Lockhart): 299

PS5 DE: 399

Any deviation from this shall be + or - 50 dollars/euros/whatever at max

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$300 Lockhart

$500 XSX

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If lockheart is $299 it’s DOA.

I expect Lockheart at $199-$249 and XSX at $399-$499(depending on PS5D). PS5D I expect at $449-$499 and PS5 at $499- $549with media remote and headphones.

Lockheart is there for the masses and it’s BOM is much cheaper than other consoles, it can also recoup money as it’s digital only. So MS gets ~30% of every game sold instead of ~13% of retail one time purchase for a game that gets re-sold 6times without MS getting a cut. So sell a console and masses buy into your services especially GamePass.

XSX Is much smaller=cheaper shipping, requires cheaper cooling, requires smaller PSU, cheaper SSD all compared to PS5 consoles. Sony spoke of PS5 as a premium console, MS spoke about Scarlett as not going to be more expensive or weaker (per Spencer). Also due to yields required for PS5, I don’t see the APU being cheaper to manufacture for it either.

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My guess

XSX: 449 Starting at 29 (All Access Gamepass 24 months)

XSS (digital only maybe ?): 299 Starting at 22,5 (All Access 24 Gamepass months)

Imo, success depends on how much they will expand the All Access program (not only the USA) and if they are willing to spend a lot more in marketing, both for Xbox and All Access (Xbox marketing in Europe seemed very very low for the Xbox One when compared to Sony and Nintendo).

Marketing ads saying:

“Next-gen console Xbox Series S starting at 22,5 dollars (for 24 months) with 24 months of Gamepass included (over 100 games), Halo Infinite and free multiplayer and no upfront cost”

would be great for families and casuals for sure.

And it would do wonders to their Gamepass strategy.

Phil recently said that All Access was going to be ‘critical’ for Xbox next-gen launch and the overall generation so I expect MS to push it big.

It would be curious if MS doesn’t have a XSX Digital only edition though.

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Sony isn’t bundling a $30 remote and $100 headphones with the PS5.

$199…yea, no. If they were going to do that, they would have gotten rid of Xbox One S. It will be $299.

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I think that they are keeping One S for right now because they will have limited availability of XSS. If they were going to go for $300&$500 they wouldn’t need to wait for Sony to announce

Microsoft are in a position to play a longer game, ms can make plans for the next 30yrs, where as sony just cant take as high short term losses. E.g break even one gen to greatly expand mindshare and userbase, sony cant do this but ms can.

I really believe £399 to £449

Would be crazy if series x is cheaper and a nutshot to greedy sony i say that because of their spree at locking down exclusive content for multiplatform

They can wait because they can change the price to be more aggressive is Sony is being aggressive.

400 € would be a superagresive move from Microsoft. They would lose even more money with each unit :rofl:

I also think it is going to be 500.

I think it’s more in the realm of possibility than folks assume it is. I think PS5 will be $550 and DE $450. I think MS will match Sony’s cheapest price for XSX and have a sub-$300 XSS. MS is stalking Sony on this front, very obviously waiting to pounce. When Sony holds off, MS does too. There is a reason for that. Sony is actively wiggling around tryna avoid the inevitable too. Xbox All Access is a wildcard here too. MS might have ppl put $40 down and walking outta stores with XSX and GPU. Sony can’t compete with that on the value front.

I’ve long learned not to assume anything wrt hardware sales. Everyone presumed N64 would dominate, then they assumed PS3 would, then they assumed X1 would (early on pubs felt this way). It isn’t easy to know how fluid fan bases actually are. It is clear to me that hardware sales don’t tell a meaningful story anyhow given how big a platform Xbox is likely to become across xCloud, console, PC, mobile. The whole ‘point’ of fanboys caring about hardware sales was supposed to be premised on the thought that more hardware meant more software revenues and more new games to play. But that isn’t the way it works anymore.


399.99$ US for Series X, 279.99$ US for Series S. Sony goes for 399.99$ All Digital PS5 and 499.99$ Disc based version.

MS will be absorbing more of a loss than Sony I think considering Sony will probably profit from people buying the disc based version of their console, especially needed for lots of people for BC.

MS will bank on recouping on the long term with an increase in Game Pass subscriptions and higher user spendings in their games like Halo F2P on DLC and such as they are now available on Xbox/PC/Cloud. Removing the barrier of entry for Live Gold is bound to have a positive effect on sales and considering how well their games are doing on PC I’m expecting good return from their diversification.

They have to undercut as much as they can or else I feel like once the launch period is over and we get close to April next year sales will dip just like it did last gen, except this time they do t have a Kinect accessory they can take away to reduce the price and reducing price a few months after launch (like Nintendo did with the 3DS) would be a really bad look imo.

Series X - $500 - Enthusiast Series S - $250 - Mass Market

I feel like these are the prices they are going for dependent on what Sony prices at. Sure they will have a last minute price in the works if Sony try to outlast them.

Xsx $499 Lockhart $299

Ps5 $499 Ps5d $429

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I do not want to speculate, I just need to comment on one talking point I read often on forums. A $299 Lockhart is a great value proposition against a $499 PS5 and Series X, but not against a $399 PS5 DE.

For me the opposite is true. A $399 PS5 DE is making a $499 PS5 a bad value proposition but won’t affect Lockhart that much, because it’s a different platform.

Other than that, the recent Sony Fiscal Year forecast of $23.4bn makes me believe in $499 /$549 for PS5 Xbox Series X will be $499 and Lockhart will be $299 I just don’t think the huge PS5 is cheaper then Series X to produce.

Also it makes zero sense to subsidize the DE with $80 because margins on digital sales are better. People buy digital anyways. No matter if the console has a disk drive or not. Just to get from 75% digital sales to 85% digital sales you loose over $50 on each PS5 DE? Makes no sense from a business perspective.

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