Playercounts, milestones and Game Pass performance (Starfield hits 10M, biggest Bethesda launch ever, Ghostwire Tokyo hits 6M, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre hits 4M, Minecraft Dungeons hits 25M)

If everyone upgrades to Ultimate then its possible with xCloud.

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Yeah for sure, and PC is now even a bigger market.

Not sure the servers can handle that :smiley:

Considering simultaneous player counts are likely to be under 250K (looking at popular MP titles as a basis), it might be possible. I’d expect longer queue times.

Phil Spencer hinted it did well compared to Psychonauts 1.

That’s good. I hope it did well. I loved it.

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FF16 is going to be a 70 dollar PS5 only game for 6-12 months. Its going to be the worst selling FF game in a while.

Maybe, but it’s gonna be one of the first major AAA current-gen only releases

Phil and team better have xcloud ready for the launch of Starfield. No better time to drop the beta time and market hard.

RPGs don’t typically have much in terms of twitch game play and will probably translate nicely to streaming.


Problem with xCloud is that it’s still dependant on XSX hardware, which is limited by chip shortages still. People already seeing queue times, while a good sign for early adoption, is not a sign that the service is anywhere near being out of Beta. I think MS would prefer to sell more XSX for now than allocate for xCloud.

Yes… No doubt about that.

I know Starfield will be more popular on PC. That’s why I predicted more players then FH5

xCloud will surely help, but it is not equal to the install base of xbox one.

Oh … so FF16 would be the first Major next gen only title

Didn’t FF7R fail to reach FFXV sales numbers?

Last number revealed i think was 5 million in october 2020.

So FF16 is likely to do worse if it launches as a ps5 exclusive, or do we think that it being one if the few current gen only game push sales?

I imagine itll do reasonably well, but square will probably still be dissapointed in it knowing them lmao

Depending if it releases first

We dont have a release date. Could come out before starfield.

Shouldnt have bent over for exclusivity then. And this game isnt even on pc either for 6 months. People cant get ps5s. Ps5 barely had pver 1 million sold in japan might be 2 million by the time this game comes out.

Yeah Square got fucked on this deal. Sony isn’t even confident in launching their OWN games as PS5 exclusive but Square accepted a deal that locked them into a PS5 only launch (no PC launch either). It’s at least going to sell badly in Japan… Xbox release would have made up for it (Western release obviously)