Playercount and Game Pass performance: Every number revealed so far (with the timeframes)

We don’t know the terms of the deal fwiw

Some updates:

  • Diablo Immortal: 10 million
  • Fallout 76: 12 million
  • Forza Horizon 5: 20 million
  • Sea of Thieves: 30 million
  • Warzone: 125 million
  • COD Mobile: 650 million


Fucks sake I was sitting here reading through them and thinking wow Sea of Thieves 30 million well done, hey fallout 76 12 million pretty good! Call of Duty mobile 650 million Warzone 125 jesus Activision is really just on another level here this is gonna be an absolute monster for Microsoft and Game pass.


Do you know what were the numbers for fallout 76 before this update? Cant find anything. Really impressive for rare, it seems like they have added like 5 milliom players per year haha

11 million as of November 2021 (no numbers before that).

12 million number is a of late April 2022.


Grounded 10 million by the way

They announced it some months ago, it wasn’t updated


No. Its double fines best selling game though. Not that that matters…i bet 10x more people will play it with gamepass over its “life”

Yeah, this is the closest I’ve seen in terms of sales figures:

That’s from the Psychonauts 2 OT.

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The Elder Scrolls Online reached 21 million players


While great to hear, I hope Zos rethink some of their choices because a lot of people are angry and have stopped playing because of their first go with update 35. It’s being reflected with its drop in on Xbox from 30+ to 40+ on the most played list

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Forza Horizon 5 just passed 22 million players.


Hot Wheel DLC also doing crazy numbers, and I think it hit like a million users last week. Also I look at some of the leaderboards and I am seeing 500k doing some of the S1 tasks which is pretty big