Phil Spencer tells Polygon he wants PC Storefronts on Xbox

This isn’t how that discussion would go? You really think a storefront wouldn’t expect MS to take a percentage?

I think there’s no reason for Steam to reduce their royalty and so it’s a major impasse.

Steam has 120m registered users (Google) do they undercut their market to sell games on Xbox? Seems unlikely.

… the reason would be access to a new platform with millions of users and more money. Most users would remain on PC (steam) lol, so they wouldn’t be undercutting anything.

If I make a purchase on Steam through Xbox, Steam gets half the revenue.

I then get to go play the game on my PC. See?

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Id only buy games on steam that didnt exist on the xbox store tbh

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See I don’t see that happenings I think if you bought a game through Steam on Xbox Steam gets 100% of the money. Xbox will use the Steam library and ecosystem to get people in the ecosystem

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I heard an interesting point on a podcast where Steam already allows retailers to sell Steam keys and those retailers obviously get money from that. This could be a similar system where Microsoft gets a cut and Steam gets a cut.


What are the realistic chances Steam/Epic Game Store is on the next generation Xbox console?

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Slim to none.

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An obvious part of this play is also to get in front of legislation that may come one day and force them to open things up, a la apple.


This is a good point and something I’ve been thinking of.

Most Xbox players will more than likely continue purchasing their games thru the Xbox store for obvious reasons (Achievements to a lesser extent but more importantly XCloud access). And if you have Game Pass you’re going to get most of your games there anyway.

To those players Steam would be icing on the cake to get games they normally wouldn’t (think of the Playstation games on PC). This scenario would not only be very enticing to the base, it would really entice anyone into buying an Xbox.

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