Phil Spencer responds to rumors of Playstation creating a Game Pass like service, saying he thinks it’s the “right answer” and an “inevitability"

Rand talks about this and says that who knows, Game Oass doesn’t necessarily have to be the number one forever, can always change. I agree that it can change but that should mean Xbox is gonna go hard at doing all they can to stay on top with Game Pass.

Which is only good news for us.

Schreier too says Sony does view it as a GP competitor.

Isnt the reverse argument used to justify xbox not spending money on third party AAA’s? That they arent market leader so deals for this kind of stuff would be more expensive than for Sony? So its either one or the other.

The larger the subscriber base, the higher the number of potential lost sales.

Think what you’re referring to is timed exclusives, which work in the opposite because the number of potential lost sales are the ones from the competing platform.


No. It’s very consistent. You just have to think about it logically.

When Sony is making exclusive deals they have to pay for lost sales from Xbox.

When Sony is making inclusion deals for PS+, PS Now (Spartacus) they have to compensate for lost sales from Sony.

If Sony isn’t doing any experimental stuff to launch the ‘new’ service with say MM or Ratchet or hell GoT/TLoU then forget about it being a ‘threat’ forever. Hell I dare them to guinea pig HFW.

Sony not even trying to give out free next gen upgrades, lol


I guess we have to wait for more details, but I can’t help but feel this is another Sony “us too” half-measure response to a competitor. It’s something that allows them to say they are doing something to answer Game Pass while not really believing in it.

Sony could do something great but are they willing?

Jim Ryan is about to give out Uncharted 4 for free and say Playstation is all about giving the best value /s


It’s actually pretty smart from their perspective when you have so many customers and media types willing to portray every move you make as a wonderful thing, why not continue to use that to your financial advantage.


my realistic dream about the service is that they will put PS5 games 6-12 months after launch. If that’s the case I’ll sub because that seems like good value to me if they go EA Access approach

I can see it especially if the game didn’t do as well as expected in terms of sales

I would sign up for this too, I doubt they will commit to any time line though. Bet it’ll be a case by case basis or something.

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With Phil Spencer talking about what is rumored for PlayStation, hopefully this lights a fire under Microsoft to make some big video game studio acquisitions really soon.

That being said if PlayStation gets their own version of Game Pass that is better for everyone and will only lead to a better experience for everyone.

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Of course it is, but instead of just taking advantage of that, they could you know…actually mean what they say and show us something special. I mean if you are going to go in with generations then damn show us a generational split. If you don’t think Game Pass is the way to go, then show us why the traditional retail model is the best. If you are going to compete with Game Pass, then BRING IT, all in, lets go! Tired of Sony’s somewhat empty promises/hype.

I don’t think a rumor of a service being a combination of PSNow+PSPlus+Animu+BC would trigger Phil/Sarah to make some big moves anytime soon. If anything they are on the same camp like the majority of us. “Wait and see”.

I want to see the stakes raised. Subscription wars could actually help Game Pass as it mainstreams the idea of this type of gaming service while GP continues to become more accessible. I believe there will be more multi-platform gamers by exponential numbers in the next 5 to 10 years as all ecosystems try to be in as many places as possible. It’s not really about the console wars. Consoles matter but the aggressive increases in investment all these companies are making today are with expectations that they’ll be in a lot more places in the future.

That said, I think Sony’s service will be much better but we won’t see Spider-Man and God of War on their Day 1 this year or next. I do expect some Day 1 games soon…just not their tentpoles.

Xbox Gamepass will maybe make its big move this holiday. The Gamepass TV app in combination with Starfield. Xbox Gamepass smart TV app has the potential to be big, especially when a big game releases.

Absolutely agree. This actually gives me more confidence that MS will continue evolving this service.

I’m saying again, the day PS copies the GP model (Day one releases of 1st party, published, and most exclusive 3rd party titles + multiple 3rd party releases) is the day I open up my wallet for a PS5 Digital. I’m just not trusting that Sony will do that anytime soon, but I’m hoping. It feels like even MS are waiting for that as Phil said “inevitability” so that then they will take GP to even higher levels of competition. It’s like everyone says, when competition tightens customers benefit.

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But according to Jason Schreier Sony does see it as one, internally. We’ll just have to wait and see what that means.