Phil Spencer responds to rumors of Playstation creating a Game Pass like service, saying he thinks it’s the “right answer” and an “inevitability"

I think yall are underestimating Spartacus if it does end up being a game pass competitor (I dont think it will be).

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Sony is internally thinking of it as one

Sony has too many substantial changes to complete and put in place for it to be a genuine competitor. They need to implement Smart Delivery and Play Anywhere functionality.


It Cerny really figured out how to do full backwards compatibility for all those wonderful PS3 games locked away on the Cell “Fuck you” Processor. I’m getting the service. Anyone down for a game of StarHawk? That is if the servers are still on

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Is that relevant to a gaming subscription? Thats just qol features they absolutely lack.


There are two major flaws in combining PS+ and PS Now.

  1. In order to stream PS3 games requires Sony to have PS3 server blades. This is obsolete technology. They dont make these anymore. Any attempt to scale up the service will cause a bottle neck. It remains to be seen how Sony plans to solve this problem. This is the result of Sony not having a forward thinking strategy.

  2. Licensing issues similar to Xbox Backwards Compatible licensing. Sony’s new service is basicly 20 ps1 games (the games that were cleared for PlayStation Classic), 50 ps2 games (the games cleared for PS4 back compatibility), and the PS3 games that are already available on PSNow.

One additional hurdle will actually be the contracts that exist for PS Now. Games stay on PS Now for a long never ending period of time. PlayStation clearly got favorable contracts for the service. Any game making the transition will want a better offer. And some games like Bethesda games will skip the new PlayStation service for obvious reasons.

Minecraft will probably be there at least


I hope Spartacus starts dropping day 1 first parties and AAA day 1 releases.

Phil needs to feel some heat. Ever since Bethesda acquisition they’ve done nothing but indies and day 1 GamePass drops for titles that the publisher has no confidence for (Outriders, B4B and now Rainbow Extraction).

We want more acquisitions We want AAA first party day 1 GamePass drops on the months without a first party We want japanese games Indies are nice filler but casuals don’t subscribe for this!

Give us a day 1 COD GamePass drop. Give us third party exclusives. Still can’t believe Sony got KOTOR.

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Yes it absolutely is, for a GamePass competitor. Once you’re used to subscribing to GamePass, where you can pickup and play your game anywhere, on last-gen, on current-gen, on PC, on tablet or mobile you will never see other services as a competitor without those fundamental features. They are beyond QOL items.


I think it’s safe to say that if they are going to do native backwards compatibly similar to Xbox then every new title will need to be relicensed. I suggest subscribing now before they merge since the lineup will shrink significantly. Enjoy the current lineup of PS Now because the majority of games currently available will be gone soon if they merge. A merger means one of two outcomes; PS3 servers can’t account for the millions of new subscribers or licensing issues need to be negotiated for every PS3 game on the service.

If we look at Sonys latest support for older games like in the Playstation Classic I don’t want any PS3 emulation from them.

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I mean to us sure but to the Sony fanbase and the general people they wouldn’t care as long as you can DL games on the console.

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It’s awesome that Phil said he expects Sony to have day one releases on the service. I personally don’t see Sony doing that but I hope they do. Puts pressure on Sony to do that and if/when they don’t, it will make Game Pass look even better.

At this point, im way more hyped for Ubisoft+ than I am whatever Sony is doing because I know im getting day one games, dlc and expansions on Ubisoft+ which is great and since it’s their own stuff, you know it’s never ever going to leave the service unless it’s some kind of licensing issue.

I still wonder why it’s such a big deal. Xbox should have just released a document saying if you want to release future games on Xbox then you need to sign this document and by signing this document you agree that Xbox can relist prior games on the platform or previous generations. Done.

Whatever Sony produces, I just hope it’s good. It likely won’t be as good as GP since it won’t have day one 1st party titles but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a good service that offers good value. If they can supplement the lack of day one 1st party titles with day one 3rd party titles and really come through with BC support for PS1-3, it could be a service I’d consider subbing to. The BC rumors are what I find most appealing.


They did. It’s part of the terms going forward, but that didn’t come about until midway through Xbox One generation. The trouble is the contracts only cover games going forward. You can’t force contract renegotiations on prior games. You can’t even find the rights owners from some prior games.

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If they want me to hop on, they need day 1 first party. It’s all I am interested on on PS and if I had the service for that and they also manage to get interesting third parties too… well they might just have reeled me in for good.

Paying for Third Party Day One games is more expensive than First Party Day One games, and Sony seems unwilling to do that where it’s the cheaper option. That’s why I doubt they’d do Third Party games. Assuming the service takes off, then Sony’s costs would be higher than Microsoft’s since their consumer base is larger.

They will say jump, and SE and others will ask “how high?” and probably pay for the privilige of being on Spartacus.

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Maybe they can sell it on the notion that it can help sales instead of cannibalizing it. They need to have some kind of early launch support on the service. BC might be huge to someone like me but I’m betting I’m in the minority.