Over two million people have played Wasteland 3

Still need to beat this… as often happens with InXile/Obsidian games, I get hit with indecision paralysis with certain choices (in WL3, currently dealing with the Gippers and the choices around them… hated Reagan in reality so I’m only conflicted on what to do with the AI).

That said, the game is easily one of the best games of last year and I cannot wait to see what they do with the inevitable next Wasteland. Also, it’s nice to see a trimmed-down apocalyptic version of my hometown :slight_smile:

I don’t know you’re going to be able to finish this game and the DLC with all the other choices you still have to make. For those of us who agonize about this kind of stuff, this game is super rough.

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It really is. Most bad games with choices make it extremely easy, but InXile’s script/quest writers are masters at the craft and it took me forever to beat Wasteland 2 because of it lol.

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I really like the game, but some of the fights are so hard that I fell off it a few times already.

Perhaps I should lower the difficulty next time I come back to it.

For reference, I’m stuck now here

I have to enter The Bizarre to help some refugees, but I can’t even come close to beating Dr Smiles and his friends for the entrance pass

Hows performance on next gen platforms?

Well its fps boosted

Need to start this game again because I had too many overheating issues on the One X