Outriders to Game pass Day 1 Confirmed


Wow, this is a huge get.

I had actually cancelled my preorder since the demo left me a little cold… But for free? Yes, I’ll be playing this.

I had a total blast playing the demo on my Series X, was so much fun played as a Pyromancer class and flaming enemies and such with some cool gunplay that got pretty hectic. This is going to be awesome to play with others through Xbox Game Pass!

So much for “we need to talk about square-xbox relationship”

Square just takes the green from ANYBODY

What a week this has been for Xbox. The hits just keep coming.

Basically. It is nothing personal with SE, but they are a cautious publisher and will lower the financial risk to them whenever possible.

In regards to Outriders, this is potentially the start of AAA 3rd party games coming straight to Game Pass.


Square really loves money. Timed Exclusivity deals with Sony and Nintendo and all those Game Pass deals with Microsoft. No favorites, just who pays more.


Smart business people. Crazy concept.

This is great news. I wish it was also on gamepass for pc but it looks like im playing this on the x instead of pc.

And we stay winning

Twitter usuals already anti hyping.

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Jealousy, nothing else. I thought that the demo was such fun that I was planning to buy 2 copies to support 4 of us game sharing and playing, and now since we all have Game Pass this is just awesome news!


If Outriders isnt a Live service game how can it exactly “die”?

I really hope the polish (hehe no pun intended) this game till release. It doesn’t look good for a new game and its way too chaotic if you want to play it like a classic third person shooter. It literally force to to be aggressive to get heals with your skills/kill.

Still huge for Gamepass to have such a game as a day one release.

A good move for Game Pass and Square. A new IP in the live service space needs players and I have no doubt being on Game Pass will help with that. I had no intentions on buying this game day one but will most definitely give it a solid look now.

Edit: I was just thinking about the rocky path the Avenger’s game has taken where they are using universally recognized characters but still had problems sustaining interest with gamers. It reaffirms Square brining this game to Game Pass in my mind.

Wow! I was going to pre-orders this and play with my son but guess I don’t need to now.

I am so IN on Day 1 for Outriders then.

Going to preload today, and play through the whole damn thing.

This is truly amazing.


The fact that I did have to play much more aggressive and on the move made it really fun and a different experience for me, which is why I am so hyped to be playing this with friends now on Game Pass too. I don’t need everything to be the same. Pyromancer class was incredibly fun, but I will have to check out the other classes too.

That’s a fair point. Played with the Pyro as well and the in-game description was something with mid range playstyle. All I did was running around with my shotgun and play close combat with my buddy who was a Trickster. Maybe I need to get used to it.

Why is it illegal? Some sort of joke?