Outriders delayed to April 1st. Free Demo on Feb 25th


Bummer, but I’ll survive. The game is fun, really looking forward to it.

Makes my february lighter on the wallet then.

A demo is a great idea for this game. I have the feeling most people believe its a AA copy of Destiny which from what I have seen it is not. So this should be a good way for people to see what this game really is.


Was expecting the possibility of Outriders getting delayed once people here said that the Beta was running poorly and it being confirmed today is excellent news for me personally as I now will have three full months to catch up with my launch 2020 lineup and be all evened out when Outriders releases.

Clears up my february expenses too lol.

Haha. I have almost $600 in credit at GameStop so im covered for the entire 2021 year. :joy:

I’m totally okay with this delay. VERY happy they are doing a demo for it as well. I can almost guarantee that will get them more sales, cuz this is definitely a game you need to play to see what it’s about. I completely wrote this game off when I first saw a trailer for it. Ended up seeing a random trailer for it again and it looked interesting enough to keep tabs on. After playing it, I can fully say I’m in Day One and hope other people try it out. It’s a blast to play!

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