Ori and the Will of the Wisps runs at 6k on Xbox Series X

Offcourse, if they can do 4k 120 then this is all but possible :grinning:


Holy shit. The image quality will indeed be insane

Holy fucking shit! And this is one of the games I bought at launch but was put back in the backlog soon because of Witcher 3.

So the game seems to get several modes. In the 6K mode the framerate is probably 60fps, I love what Moon has done.

Game is going to look gorgeous on my TV! >_>

Cannot wait - I’ve waited patiently for this game due to poor performance on the 1S

I assume this is at 60 fps, right?

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No confirmed info on that.

I’m old enough to remember playing games on my Acorn Electron, with games usually running at a resolution of 320×256 (with 4 colours! FOUR!).

Now, 6K internally? …I’m gonna have to lie down. :rofl: