Only Xbox consoles get Star Wars Squadron frame rate upgrades - Correction


Incorrect info via polygon - ‘PS5 similar to PS4 pro at 1440p 60 fps with improved lighting’

X|S with dynamic resolution modes of 4k|1440p at 60 fps in quality mode and 120fps in frame rate mode.


From EA site:

Game runs at same resolution and frame rate as PS4 pro with imporoved lighting

According to Digital foundary, PS4 pro ran at dynamic 1800p


That’s very interesting that ps5 isn’t getting the frame rate upgrade


Also no 4k!

The game is definitely upgraded. Because series S isn’t running the one S version. It is 1080 on one S but 1440p on series S.

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Damn you marketing deals!! /s


I will be shocked if it’s due to marketing deal.

It’s definitely not because of a marketing deal. But inevitably, people are going to think that.

Nice update! Should feel butter smooth in 120fps.

Not there fault, the series S is runing at those resolutions and frame rates.

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I wonder why this is?

So for XSX improved visuals, dynamic 4K and 60fps. And PS5 gets improved lighting, which i assume XSX also gets and that’s it? Certainly odd yeah.

Kinda surprised not native 4K for XSX though, but I guess it depends on the visual upgrades.

There is no technical reason for them to not add 120fps support for PS5 though. If the Series S can handle it then the PS5 can without any trouble

Why would they upgrade the game for one console but the upgrade not matching what they are achieving on another one?

The answer is quite clearly because there’s a huge performance disparity at play.

The question is then: Are they somehow patching the last gen versions to be next gen aware somehow (Ms affirmed that it’s possible, and sony had some leaked info that suggested it too) but running in BC, or if they are native ports.

Given how BC works on SX it should have enough juice to either improve the graphics or blast through the framerate, and it would make sense for the ps5 to barely outperform the Pro.

Series S version is 1440p. BC games on series S are one S games.

On one S, the game is 1080p. Clearly not in BC mode but actually a patch version like gears and Forza.

It’ll be because of VR.

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Here a better screenshot of the actual blog post

Glad for owners of the game that will play that game on a Xbox platform.

But Ms said they have apis for even BC games to be next gen aware (in a DF interview).

They can detect if they are running on SX and SS and set some stuff differently (resolution, framerate etc)

Could be what this game is doing (even on PS5) but since it’s BC mode is likely way more limited compared to SX and SS there’s no room for a similar upgrade


4K at 120hz on XSX? Did not expect that. But that won’t have the better lighting model.

I believe this is the reason as well