One more big news blow-out, or piecemeal news drops before Series X launch?

I want to see the raw power of the console,I want to see an actual gameplay and not some trailers and reveals. price and official release date. they can do it in one hour video.

Brand an event as a launch event. Do not under any circumstances call it an inside Xbox.


I think this is important. Call it a “Launch Showcase” or something similar.

I honestly don’t know what they’re going to do, but I think they should put together a big, one hour showcase that hammers home every reason to buy the XsX not just at launch but in the future.

Start the show outlining what we’re about to see, and then explain the hardware. Spend several minutes highlighting the power of the system and what everything means for gamers. Then show BC titles running on the X and talk about how your current games will run even better and show some of these games running on the X. Name drop titles launching this holiday that will take advantage of the X (Cyberpunk, etc). Really hammer home the message that all your current games and 1000’s of games spanning back to the original Xbox will work on the X along with all your peripherals.

Then transition into the future and show several “Next-gen” games like the Medium running on the X, and have developers explain why the console is so powerful, etc. This would be a great place to show something more substantial from MGS if they have it. Then talk about all the future titles coming from MGS and hammer home the investment they’ve made in top notch studios that will bring amazing games to Xbox. Show a montage with developers from those studios talking about the console and how next gen is going to be amazing on Xbox (corny, but they need this kind of messaging). Also, talk about how third part games will look and run best on Xbox. “Best place to play”, etc.

Then highlight services. Gamepass, gamepass, gamepass. Announce their partnership with ____, then reiterate, almost annoyingly so, that all their MGS come to gamepass day and date. Drop Gold for F2P games. And then talk about xCloud officially launching soon and highlight the benefits of it. Again, have a developer talk about what xCloud could do for them having access to potentially hundreds of millions of new players.

Sprinkle some game play reveals in between all of this before finally coming back around to highlight all the points that have been made. Then, show the console and show the price while talking about the value of the system. Then, talk about gamers who may not need bleeding edge fidelity but still want to experience “Next-Gen” and reveal the Series S. Show the price. Show release dates. Talk about how there’s never been a better time to “Jump in” (yes, bring that marketing back) to Xbox. Then tease that there are things to show in the future, etc.

To me, they need to bludgeon people over the head with some of these themes. Their July showcase was a compelling reason to get Gamepass, yet they didn’t hammer the point home. I don’t think Microsoft will do any of what I wrote, but I do think they should. Narratives are starting to spin out of control, and while their focus has never really been on the hardcore enthusiasts like us, these narratives do find their way into the mainstream. And when that happens it’s almost impossible to reverse perceptions.

So, I’m hopeful they put on a great show that really resonates with people, primarily so people will stop with the doom and gloom around Xbox. :smile:


Keep the ideas coming! You never know who’s reading! :eyes: :wall_peek:

I personally would like to see a major blow-out. Outline everything that’s been announced, then announce the new stuff. Make it a one-stop spot for consumers to inform themselves on the future of Xbox.

COVID has had a profound effect on the industry with regards to WFH, so that’s probably partly why things have been pushed back. Fingers crossed they finish strong! :crossed_fingers:


Narratives are already formed. And they don’t really appear to be in MS favor, here. People all over Internet and Social Media saying the R&C is the only thing next-gen that we’ve seen (actual gameplay), and insiders hinting there is more to come very soon. MS has the hardware, but Sony has the software in spades - once again. All the YouTuber’s that were talking about the MS hardware last month or two are now enamored with what Sony is bringing at launch.

I’m thinking it is going to be really, really hard to get a PS5 this year. Whether true or not, that is the impression that Sony has been able to create, very successfully. It will be interesting to see what MS counter-punches with … As for me, Sony has the games, but I just cannot buy such a terrible-looking console, especially since I know MS will have the games down the road. I’m buying the Series X, but will definitely be in the minority of everyone that I know making a decision.

MS needs to show some next-gen gameplay to gain momentum

They need to show BC enhancements. Would be cool if they can demo how Series X will improve visuals. Also would be key to show launch window and games running on a Series X.

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didn’t Phil talk about showcasing their backwards compat features in August when he was on iJustine podcast? Now that august event got pushed back to September which is annoying as all hell, personally I think they should simply come to grips with the fact that they’ll never steal the mindshare from Playstation, there is no evidence to believe “they are holding off because they want to counter what Sony does in their events”, it just isn’t happening so might as well start releasing info ASAP.

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It would be silly to believe that they aren’t going to have at least one more large event before launch. It’s 100% happening.


Aaron after the July event:

Let’s hope they held back big things.


Good find bringing up this tweet. Hope they announce some of the stuff this month. They do need to recapture momentum

“Put the focus on the games, system features, and developers”. Exactly, and by doing this you get people interested in your ecosystem and whatever else you have to offer (gamepass).


Was ever actually confirmed an event on September?

Nothing from Xbox that I saw

Nothing official, as of yet, but known insiders have alluded to a lot more news coming.

Make it like the digital foundry showing, don’t give any warning so people can’t act all deflated after hyping themselves up for 2 weeks waiting for it.

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I would promote one major event and make sure you nail it on the head. Show Series S, price for both consoles, and hopefully nail something huge for Gamepass at launch to make up for Halo. I know it’s not likely, but Cyberpunk or Ass Creed on GP day one would be huge. Show off backwards compatibility, especially on older 360 titles ( only spend a small amount of time on this). Give a better release window on some upcoming Xbox games, and do your best to get Flight Sim on Series S/X in Q1 2021 at least, to make it in the launch window.

And at the end, show off some GAMEPLAY for a title that may not be at launch. Show at least title that makes the next gen investment worth it, even if it won’t be available day one. Whatever is your most impressive title visually/gameplay wise to show why you keep pushing that 12 TF narrative, because currently Sony games look better next gen. If the initiative’s title isn’t ready then hopefully they have something else to show us.

Launch a Halo Infinite MP beta at least in Spring 2021. Give Halo fans something to look forward to. And finally, and I know this might be unpopular here, but moneyhat a big game. While your studios are busy working, get some third party content to make XBOX feel like the place to play again, similar to the 360 days. I know Xbox live being free may not be financially feasible, there have to be some advancements with their online infrastructure to make xbox the place to play multiplayer games again. And push the hell out of xcloud, but perhaps in other markets, as I’m not sure America is ready or wants that yet.

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A surprise announcement that a new Killer Instinct is in development is all I want. Please… PLEASE.


I honestly think they are just waiting on Sony to announce PS5 prices and then they’ll announce the Xbox Series X, pricing, and then start hyping up games. They really don’t want to announce pricing first since this console is going to cost a fortune to build. We’ll see though, I could be wrong about all of this.

I’m also super excited for them to show some of the BC enhancements, but they don’t necessarily need to do that in a show.

Phil has been quiet on Twitter besides retweets, hopefully the Halo delay has awaken the monster in him to acquire more studios, a sign more 3rd party deals.