Official PlayStation 5 Showcase Livestream & Aftermath

FF is apparently a timed exclusive.

2-3 games was ok,all the other showcase was ‘‘yaaaaawn’’


The God of War “reveal” lol A 2021 game with only a logo… desperation move and obviously is gonna get delayed


But what sucks is, they don’t tell us the duration. For FF7R at least we knew it was a year. Although I’m not sure they announced that right from the start. Did they?

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Apparently pre orders start tomorrow

Ok, time to update my Series X|S Guide.

Demon’s Souls might be launch game…and is likely coming to PS4 and IS coming to PC. >.>

They used wording to suggest FF7R wouldnt be a true exvlusive, they said it would be coming first to Playstation, but they didnt confirm an xbox version or anything until a year before release when the box art got leaked with a timed exclusive sticker on

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Pretty sure Sony/SE didn’t tell us it was a year for FF7R, did they? Thought other sources pinned that down.

Oh damn.

Then I dread other upcoming possible timed exclusives. At least be upfront and honest, since the news is already bad as it is. Heh.

I just checked Wikipedia for Deathloop, but it really only has mentions for PS5 and PC. So it wasn’t announced for Xbox as well after all last year?

I’m so glad you were wrong about Starfield… I guess wrong is the wrong word, I hope you’re wrong and it’s just not another moved announcement. This money-hatting AAA third-party behavior is, pardon my French, bullshit and anti-consumer.

Imagine Starfield getting announced with the same shitty “console exclusive” trash, no clarity on duration or whatsoever. I probably will end up getting it on PS5 then, it’s BGS.

But enough, there are no real signs of this happening at all.

That was the entire reason the thing existed in the first place, lol. What value are you referring to? For $100 more you get…what, exactly? I guess ya can get a 4k TV to make use of the PS5 but these are ppl with 1080p TV’s. They ain’t tech gurus looking for making that leap all at once. That’s pretty pricey (DE + 4k TV).

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But don’t worry, the media will still herald it as the second coming and mention how much “trouble Xbox is in”. I loved the announcement that Miles is coming to PS4, this confirming what I’ve been saying for months: the “we believe in generations” propaganda was a miscalculated attempt at trashing their inarguably-more-consumer-friendly competitor whilst hiding the fact that Miles and several other titles are in fact cross-gen.



PS5: 390mm×104mm×260mm.

PS5 DE3 90mm×92mm×260mm


PS5 DE 3.9kg

Ok so Demon’s Souls is coming to PC and PS4…so Sony is literally making their OWN fanbase on PS4 wait to play the game in order to sell PS5’s under the false premise that it is a PS5-only title. 0.0

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Horizon FW is cross gen OMG LMAO you can’t make this shit up


Production values of the show were really good we got to see the games. Not enough interesting gameplay. Nothing wowed me. 2021 GOW and HZ2 wow they seel ready. But the show was far better than anything MS did recently. MS needs to retaliate strongly now

Also, if we’re being honest, most people have cheap 4k tv’s that can’t support a lot of the features that PS5 and XSX will be pushing. So for them, they probably won’t be able to tell much of a difference anyway from native 4k vs Upscaled 2k. I literally don’t care which console people decide to buy, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

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What? I assume you are joking?