Now that Xbox has so many devs (with more coming) they should consider scrapping E3 style events

Sounds like a bad idea IMO, Bethesda needs to be associated, synonymous with Xbox. Its already enough that they’re maintaining their own publishing so I don’t think its needs anymore separation from Xbox.

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E3 for me was massively missed, I think E3 has always been the best week in gaming. Getting snacks and drinks to sit down and watch all the conferences live and get excited to see what’s new. Could you just imagine how massive the Bethesda announcement would’ve been at E3…

E3 is a special time for gaming and I think it should stay and continue for years to come, they might need to change up how they do it but I want all 3 console makers there.

We can have Inside Xbox for other games throughout the year, tune it up a bit to be less TV show like and more focused. It always felt they were always trying to fill time. I have no problem with the presenters so they can stay but how about we have more deep dives with devs on how they did Y and stuff.


I think they should just have another XO event in the spring, like maybe february/march time, move the fall XO forward a bit to septemer/october, (they run in november at the moment right?) and keep going to E3. That way you can do the deep dives into things at XO, and tease things for E3/future events (dont forget there would be an event every four months, so not long to wait).

That way you could get some awesome gameplay of upcoming games. I would really like xbox to incorporate a sony state of play style presentation into XO, it doesnt have to be a straight rip off, but maybe in the XO events you could have something, maybe call it a deep dive into … So for example you would have a ‘A deep dive into starfield’ with 15-20 mins of info about the game, have one of the devs playing it and talking about it. I would really like that, and its something that I think xbox lacks at the moment with their shows.

EDIT: totally agreed on missing E3, it was so much better to have a hype to the max week, instead of subdued hype with brief, fleeting blips of excitement.


This year was terrible in terms of summer game announcenents and festivities, so if E3 survives, I’d prefer to se MS go all in. Directs are fine, but there’s nothing like a good E3.

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They should do an xbox rally, gaming companies need a spokesperson who can work the crowd well, maybe after covid.

It’s good to have a presence everywhere, including E3. E3 still has a decent presence of non-gaming media and retailers.

The one bad thing about E3 is forcing developers to have a build or showcase ready at that deadline. It removes resources away from the game’s completion.

So I would say that having all options on the table is the best plan. If demos are ready, if the game can be shown: use E3. Leverage it.

Otherwise you can show it on your own terms with your own events.

TLDR: Inside Xbox is awesome and the only problem was a drought of content which they won't have anymore with 30 developers.

I may be in the minority here but I’ve always liked the Inside Xbox shows. The only problem with those shows is a lack of content. 2019 had a good string of inside Xbox shows with great presentation and polish but we didn’t see many games that year. Say that they were able to resume filming them as they were (after we get over COVID-19), imagine a deep dive into Halo’s multiplayer with that format, it would be fantastic. A full unrushed hour dedicated to showcasing the game. And then the next month on the combat in Starfield. And then the one covers the new idTech engine.

So I would say that having nearly 30 developers as part of MGS would make Inside Xbox a showcase that everyone will tune into.


Lots of journalists and influencers that were trying to kill E3 agreed that 2020 showed that E3 is needed.

Of course, there will be people who disagree but to me, E3 is still alive and relevant. Just my 2 cents