No Smart Delivery for Control. Only Ultimate Edition gets free next gen update

Well, Ill flip that around one you, why should someone have to rebuy the exact same content they already own? This ultimate edition is just a rebadge of already existing content. If you own the base game and the DLC, you own everything in the Ultimate edition. Particularly when they are giving the free upgrade to someone else who buys the, again, exact same content, just in a different package.

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I’m not arguing that it wouldn’t be cool for that to happen. I’m only saying that as a consumer, I don’t think I would have the expectation that they would give it to me. Again, not necessarily saying that companies SHOULD charge for this, only saying that my life as a consumer leads me to believe that they WOULD.

Also for the record, if they DID give it to us for free I would be thrilled, just not taking as hard of a stance as some if they don’t.

basically, people who supported you at launch and those who bought the season pass are getting shafted out of this upgrade, that’s the reason why this is shitty


Well, it looks like I’ll be waiting for a big, fat discount. Not paying a penny more than the cost of the season pass. Glad I waited. I would assume a graphics patch wouldn’t take long or cost them much, considering PC owners got those options on day one.

I agree with that. The decision sucks, I guess I’m just not surprised by it. Would have been more surprised if it was free.

I have not bought the expansions for Control and depending on price, now might not ever or not soon. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but I won’t want to pay for the entire package to play on next gen, and am unlikely to get to it before next gen, so this choice directly impacts me for sure.

Glad I waited. I normally buy Remedy games day one, but that went out the window with Control because of the DLC BS.

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I totally have that expectation. MS have been upgrading games from decades ago for free.

I knew I was waiting for the next gen version the day they announced it would support raytracing on Pc, but damn. This is such a shitty way to show respect for the customers that supported you.

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found this. summarizes the situation.


Well I just bought the game + DLC as it was on sale… was going to wait to play it for next gen, but um I guess I won’t now? This is some bullshit. Wonder if I can get a refund.

As someone who’s purchased and enjoyed every Remedy game at launch, this is a total kick in the teeth. There is no good reason why existing owners can’t enjoy the same upgrade outside of the publisher just wanting more money. I’d even settle for a $10 next gen upgrade fee but now they won’t get a penny more from me.

I guarantee you this is on 505. They are the company that will benefit most from this bullshit.

Aaaaaand save. Thanks, will get plenty of use from this.

You should have up to 14 days for a refund

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Pretty disappointed to see this. :confused:

I steal for a friend.

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This is such a boot in your face move for me who bought this game day one and the season pass day one. Not even giving a option to upgrade. This game is fast on sale mark my words.

The ultimate edition is fine. Good for those people that waited. I buy any remedy game day one. But 505 can [redicated] :slight_smile:

I will buy Crossfire X as well but this collection is out of question.

I’m hoping Microsoft step in here and do something otherwise this will set a precedent that the big publishers will no doubt follow.

It’s a really sneaky loophole that manages to break the spirit of what Microsoft intend with Smart Delivery.

I also adopted early but haven’t played since launch as the shimmering and blurring of the SSR gives me motion sickness, I was hoping a XSX update would fix this with raytracing.

I thought about buying the game this week, because the disc version was on sale on an online retail here in Brazil, but I didn’t because I thought…if Remedy/505 made that shitty PS-exclusive move, it would make a lot of sense to make another, like not embracing Smart Delivery. Well, I was right.

Not a good look 505

This is a horrible way to treat the cuatomers that bought the game already. I was holding off on the season pass but I may just pass on it entirely after this.

Not a good look at all.

No smart delivery, no buy. Simple as that.

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