No Smart Delivery for Control. Only Ultimate Edition gets free next gen update


I wonder if this is Remedy’s decision or 505’s. Either way it’s a pretty stupid choice after so many other third parties have committed to free upgrades for all current gen owners.

I wonder if there will be enhancements over the PC version and will they be free updates if there are any

Being greedy like this would always be a bad look;

but it’s an especially awful look in the middle of a pandemic. Now’s not the time to be nickle and diming your customers.

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How nice of them. They announced a next-gen version on June 12. The game goes on sale for current gen on June 23. People buy the game on sale thinking they are securing a next-gen version aswell. Then the upgrade path is announced two months later and whoever bought the game on sale after the first announcement is screwed.



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So theres no way to purchase the better settings for the original version owners?

Sucks having to pay for what basically just better settings

Well this sucks for anyone who has bought the game. Vote with your wallet guys, if you don’t like it, don’t go buying the ultimate edition or rebuying the standard edition on Series X.


It’s also a great display on how great of a feature Smart Delivery really is. If I own Control on Xbox One, which will be backwards compatible on next-gen, and I buy this new version for Series X, I can end up downloading the wrong (not optimized) version.

See, in this case, if I go to a tile named “Control” and hit download, I’ll be downloading the wrong version. That’s way too bizarre for me.

If this is true, I certainly won’t be supporting any of 505 games future releases.

Surely if someone purchased the game and the expansion pass, then they would be entitled to the same upgrade as those with the ultimate edition, it’s essentially the exact same thing…not cool.

Edit: I am assuming blame lies with 505 as they are the publisher.

Guess I’ll just purchase all the dlc for the OG version when it’s on sale then. They really should offer the upgrade after the terrible performance on most consoles.

This is shitty. I’m not buying this game again. I’ll buy the dlc on sale for the 1X and finish it there.


This won’t be the last, locking it behind an ultimate edition is the only way around Microsoft’s rule of not charging for an upgrade patch. This also will show the value of Smart Delivery. They weren’t the first and won’t be the last, companies like 505 and 2k are showing their true colors and we’ll see if gamers respond with their wallets.

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This has left me very conflicted. I was waiting for news of the next gen version of Control. It’s a next gen system seller for me. Remedy is my favourite developer but I have a launch day Xbox one and the performance on the old systems is poor. A next gen version of Control with the dlc thrown in coming in 2020 to fill the Halo Infinite sized hole in my heart is perfect. But… but… but… this upgrade policy is awful. It hurts the biggest fans of the game who rushed out to buy it on launch day. Such a bummer.

Even worse when you consider the dlc only just came available recently on xbox, and the Alan Wake dlc would’ve surely got more dlc and game sales too, prior to this annoucement.

What a shitty move.

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This is straight up bullshit and anti-consumer.

I guess I won’t be playing the expansions.

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Good thing I didn’t buy it just yet … but this is not a good look for Remedy. I know some people that are going to be very, very pissed off

They will probably amend this to include Season Pass users as well.

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Have you already purchased the game in any way? If not, then I don’t see the problem. Just wait for the Xbox Series X version and you’ll be fine.

There goes any chance of a purchase from me, unless it drops to less than 50% on sale.

Feel like I might be out of the loop here; Control is a year old game, why is there an expectation that it would be updated for free to next gen?

I’m not trying to be a corporate apologist here, I just don’t think I personally would expect games that didn’t appear in the launch window to be a free upgrade.

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