Nintendo Direct + Treehouse |OT| Super expectations


Las minute predictions?


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Just a few random ones:

  • Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania
  • BOTW2 title reveal and world trailer.
  • Smash reveal (the Chief?)
  • More Zelda ports
  • Another Wii U port

It’ll be an ok show. Nothing special though.

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What’s considered a “creator” ?

Anybody who does those “React” videos with the thumbnails.

You know the ones.

My guesses.

Finally, going to see the Metroid Prime trilogy on Switch.

Maybe a few more Zelda games remastered for Switch.

BOTW 2 shadowdrop :crazy_face:

Going to watch Giantbomb watch the Direct :face_with_monocle:

Time to ride the “Chief in Smash” train all the way to hell!

Let’s goooooooo


I expect mario golf, weeb stuff, and disappointment.

Welp, here we go.

Kazuya from Tekken in Smash?!? Did NOT see that coming.

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Worms Rumble:

Astria Ascending September 30. It’s coming to Game Pass day one.

CALLED Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania. It’s a remaster of the first two, sweet. I’m sold.

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Metroid 5. Holy crap.

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Still no gameplay lol

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so that was a lie :c

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Metroid looks cool, def getting that

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If it’s there it’s at the end lol

Oh I thought the smash thing was already announced? I only just joined