Nintendo acquired Next Level Games (Luigi’s Mansion 3)


Good for them. They’ve been a second party for a long time. Wonder if Nintendo will acquire Intelligent Systems and HAL too?

good decision by the owners of the company, currently it is a good time to sell

Wonder if Xbox reached out. Obviously, they have a deep relationship with Nintendo, so I think that’s where they wanted to end up. But I still hope Xbox made an offer, because they’re a good team, and it would be nice if they got to drive their price up a bit.

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That makes much sense for Nintendo

Nlg have proven to be an amazing developer with LM3 being an absolute high point

Still - Nintendo needs even more western devs

Retro and NLG is not enough to even replace Rare

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Only if the owners plan to sell. It seems highly likely long term but we’d have no way of knowing the timing.

Team weight is in Nintendo IPs

Buying them from another company won’t give any value.

Congrats for Nintendo.

This is great news for Nintendo; NLG’s output with them has been consistently fantastic, and a healthy Nintendo is great for the industry, in my opinion.

This is also a great counterpoint to the repeated concerns of Xbox becoming a monopoly that’s rampant on the internet by people who don’t understand the basic principles of one; when you have so many first-party publishers at this point, all of which are purchasing studios, it’s impossible to accuse a particular publisher of monopolistic practices (especially when said publisher has their titles on more platforms and operating systems than their most relevant competition).

Great pickup by Nintendo. LM3 is a brilliant game.

Why would they? Xbox has no relationship with NLG. They have been a Ninty-only dev for years.


Because they’re a damn talented team that was putting themselves on the market? Same as Ninja Theory, really.

If you explore the possibility of a sale, as the article says, the first possibility you explore is to sale to the publisher that has been close to you for years. Ninja Theory had already a relationship with MS even if it was an old one, and they have developed third party games before, so the bond was there. While NT put themselves on the market, it seems like NLG didn’t do that in order to find the best buyer.

NLG has been in a business relation with Ninty for a decade. It’s gonna be the same when Sony buys Bluepoint, even when they have developed games for MS. You don’t build relationships in order to sale to the competition once you put your studio on sale.

I simply said I wonder if they reached out, bro… Not if they got close. Them selling to Nintendo was almost inevitable, but a lot of people would have said the same about Rare back in the day, so I don’t think a phone call would have hurt anything.

Good point. We’ll probably never know what went on behind the scenes. For my part, I’m just glad we avoided the gnashing of teeth that would have occurred had Microsoft acquired them. And of course, better Nintendo than Tencent/Amazon/Google etc.