Ninja Theory show off Hellblade 2 "lighting experiment"

I agree in terms of the MC. A 95 is extremely hard to reach and I am certainly not expecting that.

I do want to see the scope expanded a bit because you can tell at times the limitation of the team size for the first game. However, I wouldn’t be expecting the game to have a load of set pieces since it is not going to be God of War. The team size is still small and I feel the game’s focus will still be centered on the personal story of Senua and her battle against mental illness.

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Yea those Twitter replies are ridiculous. I suppose we really shouldn’t be that surprised. SMH

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Looks great, but we need to see more.

Its going to be interesting seeing how the visuals differ between the S + the X.

People are going to be surprised by the little box that could.

From what I heard, super resolution and DirectML, looked so good that they were debating on even launching the Series X because the performance was on par.

Fun fact : Melina was a video editor first at Ninja theory.

She later become part of studios ‘experiment’ efforts.

And eventually become actress for Senua.

Watch this to know more:

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Where did you hear this?

It would of been a complete disaster if they did this even if there reconstruction tech was superb. For a start it would not of been ready for launch and games would be what they are now on the SeriesS and roughly double the res on PS5, it would be a PR nightmare.

And theres also a good chance PS5 will have its own reconstruction tech.

Pixel reconstruction is exciting though, it will enable the current gen consoles to push well above there wieght. If they can do 540p + 1080p internal resolution on the S + X, resulting in a reconstructed 1080p + 2160p, that will give devs a lot of horsepower for everything else.

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Oh I can’t wait to see gameplay, it’s going to look so good, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is one of the best looking games early in the generation.