Next Gen Audio -

So, we talk about Graphics a lot, but I haven’t seen too many people talk about audio.

What sound setups are you going with? I’m tempted to get a soundbar, personally.

I’m personally not bothered by Atmos, so might get a 5.1 soundbar. :thinking::grin:

Haven’t had a soundbar for like 5 years and got used to the TV, but now I think it’s about time I get one. Any recommendations?

I’m eyeing up either



I blew all my home theater budget on a new TV, a new HTPC, a new NAS, and new drives. Gonna have to stick with my old LG sound bar from 2013 since I’ve never had an issue with it. My partner doesn’t want big/multiple speakers and I’m not super into audio anyway so it’ll probably be fine.

I did sniff around a bit to get an idea of how sound stuff works and came across this extremely funny subreddit.

Tangentially related, LG are having a promotion where they send you a free portable speaker thing if you bought/are buying an eligible TV.

Sound bars are just fake 5.1 but if that’s all you can afford its better than most TV’s sound output. I’ve got a 5.2.2 setup at home but the sky’s the limit when it comes to audio gear, some people just go bonkers and end up spending a small fortune.

I have a 5.1 surround setup with a Sony receiver (STR-DN1080) and some really good bang for your buck speakers made in Canada (Fluance).

I have a budget headset and I’ve just started to look into the idea of buying a premium set - I may bite if I see a good deal that’s hard to pass up on Black Friday or Boxing Day.

I’m far from being an audiophile but I appreciate good audio; it’s night and day when you add 5.1 to your system and you don’t have to necessarily break the bank.

I have an old Sony 5.1 HT that I’m looking to replace with that JBL 9.2 Dolby atmos soundbar (that you can detach the sides and they become rear boxes.

And a G935 headset

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Wow, cool concept!

Indeed, and the soundbar also has a separated subwoofer.

So it looks like a great compromise between having easy of setup and actual positional audio.

Edited the post above, forgot to mention the soundbar if from jbl

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You do raise a good point. Although the cost to get into proper 5.1 is quite a bit for just gaming. First, you need to find a receiver that can accept HDMI2.1+HDR for under £200, then the speakers.

You don’t need a receiver that needs to pass HDMI 2.1 or HDR. All you need is a receiver and a TV that supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) or eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel). Just plug the Xbox Series X straight to the TV through HDMI (make sure its 2.1). You have another HDMI cable going from the TV to receiver (Some TV’s have a specific HDMI port marked as ARC some others it doesn’t matter). Once you’ve setup the Audio Return Channel normally done through the TV and receiver settings all the audio will come through the receiver from the xbox. This way your TV can display a 2.1 signal from the xbox without having to pass through the receiver. I have a Pioneer VSX-933 receiver its only HDMI 2.0 and my TV is a OLED LGCX so I will need to setup my new xbox with ARC.

I’m getting a nice pair of headsets first before I dive into a proper 5.1 setup.

Personally getting the Penrose X, for those amazing planar drivers.

I have used various 5.1 set ups for the last fifteen years, currently with Onkyo. The ARC with newer TVs is superb, meaning you don’t need a new AV receiver at all because a 5.1 can come straight from the TV. Even if your TV doesn’t have ARC, it may well have an optical out port which you can use in a similar way, feeding the TV audio signal into the receiver. Don’t just think about games, having true surround sound is transformative with TV and films too. A good receiver will also have Dolby or Neo6 to force 2.0 sound into 5.0, it is very clever indeed, so everything you watch is surround sound irrespective of the source.

Last two years I’ve had to use headphones, however, due to family. Anyone recommend some REALLY good headphones for less than £100? Currently using some Xiberia “7.1” headphones that are not terrible, but I sense I’m missing out on something or there wouldn’t be more expensive models… right?

I’m going to probably put the Series X in the theater room, but may go upstairs in the living room. Connecting it to DENON AVR-6700H in a 7.2.4 Atmos setup if the theater room. 4K Epson projector - should be a great upgrade from the 1S

While Microsoft has done good work with how the environment effects how things sounds, it still does not have great directionality, its like a recording somone in a church and recording the same person in a small room and then playing it on a mono speaker, while you can hear the echo from the church recording it still lacks sound source direction.

No game is anything like this:

I hope they approach something like this but im skeptical.

Holy guacamole, I looked this up since my old soundbar would block the bottom of the new TV but it’s like 800 USD on Amazon! I hope you enjoy it, my friend!

Yeah, it’s not on the cheap, I’m kinda torn because it looks super dope though XD